Monday, December 3, 2012

Need Some Time Off

What do ya do?
What do ya do when you've done to much and your body revolts with pain?
What do ya do when you've made a bad move and your back won't flex and doesn't want to move?

You lose your appetite.
Is it the loss of appetite or knowing the pain you'll go through if you try and stand to cook something to eat... Is it the thought of the twist you'll have to do after that food makes it's way through and you need to clean up...
That answer doesn't matter because you just don't care.

You decide to do as little as possible and just lay in bed where you don't have to move that back and can allow it to heal.

Your attitude goes bad and you get grumpy when people try to cheer you up.
You try your best to smile when they do, but in your mind you are screaming at them to shut their mouth.

Yup, I did it again.
Over the weekend I might have pushed just a bit to hard and now I'm paying for it dearly with my best friend, back pain. I call it my best friend because it's always there for me. Never leaves me. It's there through the good and the bad. It's there when I'm happy or sad. It's there for the good times, it's there for the bad times. It even gives me time off to do nothing but lay in bed.

Which is where I'm going shortly after posting today's blog.

I drug myself from the comfy warm bed and forced myself along as I did the needed morning chores and fed the critters. Even made coffee in hopes that my back would loosen up as I sat comfortably waiting and then drinking. But...

There were just things that needed done over the weekend and I had to do them. Some even that I had previously given my word I would do. I felt the pain growing on Saturday and knew I should rest. Yet Sunday morning I couldn't convince myself to go back on my word and take the day easy. So now I will pay the price and lose a day or two laying on my bed waiting for the darned thing to straighten up enough to get on with my life.

What good is a person if they don't keep their word?
You give your word, you keep your word. Even if it hurts!

At least then when you face people you still keep your smile instead of hanging your head in shame.
You also keep the smile on the face of the others you have given your word too.

Pain comes and pain goes, but your word once broken is very hard to regain trust in.

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