Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who Won ? Certainly Not The People.

Well imagine that. Same president, same senate, same congress. Some faces have changed yet all remains the same.
We the people lose...
Hope not, but for some reason I think we will stay in this stagnated mess.
The only ones I have seen win in quite a few years is the politicians and their big business, corporate backers.

Until the working class and the poor wake up and quit being blind followers, not a thing will change.
I just wonder if when they finally wake up, or get fed up, what will happen.
Will they find leaders who they will back as a candidates who will make the needed changes? Or will it be another war like in Europe which brought on World War One when the upper class took life and the lower class people for granted?

It really makes me wonder what my grandchildren and their children will have to deal with during their lives.

Wonder how many of the people who said if their candidate lost they would leave the country are going to follow through with their word!
Not a darned one I'd guess. This entire world is in a mess right now so where would you go and expect anything would be any better?

I did start hearing some republicans saying something about beginning to help small business. Lose some of the red tape it takes and give them some tax breaks.

Red tape is not something I had to deal with when starting my business years ago, but then my business was myself. Not any type of corporation and certainly not one I ever intended to allow to grow beyond my immediate control.

As for tax breaks. Shoot, I never needed them. I just struggled my way through and kept building my business and buying equipment as I could. It's not the tools and equipment that make a business good. It's the people who have the desire to make a go of it and are willing to do what needs done. Including doing without some of the nicer things sometimes.

I guess if I'd have wanted to allow that business to grow to something larger those things might have been a help.
Yet still I will go to the grave believing that really caring about yourself and the customers is what it takes to make a business grow and succeed.
It's when you start doing for only yourself and putting your customers last that you will and deserve to fail. And a business that does that does not deserve to be bailed out by the tax payers through the government!

If a truly needed business fails someone with fresh and better ideas will fill the spot.

Depending on yourself and caring about those you deal with is what it takes to succeed and keep a healthy smile.

And I do suspect that is all we will have for at least the next four years as we continue to pay our taxes to a government that is misguided and refuses to believe in a true government of the people and for the people.
Would it have been any better if Romney would have won?
I highly doubt it.

Until someone comes along that believes in helping the people to help theirselves, not a thing is going to get any better.

As the old saying goes, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.”

If a government keeps bailing out people and business instead of teaching them how to bail theirselves out, how can it's people ever learn to do for theirselves and have a decent life and a smile...

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