Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank You

These are things I'm thankful to be alive for.

Respect Mother Earth.
Respect the Great Spirit
Respect our fellow man and woman
Respect for individual freedom

I wonder how many will remember these...
If you don't remember these, they were in a post here on the blog.
The “Food For Thought” post from last November 2011.

I am also very thankful for the blog followers who were so gracious as to join me here and grace my life with their company and friendship.
I really do love having you all here.

While also doing the work I had to do today, I was asked by my daughter to make my pumpkin and sweet potato pies for tomorrow. She is making the main meal and friends and family are invited and will be there sharing in conversation, smiles and laughter.

I will be stuffing myself with turkey, stuffing and sweet potato's along with some other sides. The the pies!
There is never enough left after these dinners to swipe enough to have leftovers here at home, so I'm also making a smaller turkey and some sides here at home. That way I will be assured to have my leftovers. I made extra pies too!

So this evening I'm a very exhausted little boy. It's been a long day full of memories and smiles along with some new smiles. There will be new memories, memories shared and many smile Thanksgiving day.

I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

Even if your country or culture doesn't celebrate the Thanksgiving we do I wish you a day of thanks and giving thanks for all mother earth gives us. Thanks for the spirit that gives us life.
Thanks for our fellow man and woman and a prayer for others to respect and accept our fellow men and women.
And respect for the freedom's we have. Especially the freedoms we have of being in touch here on the internet and being able to learn about one another and make this world a smaller, better place to live and share.

Keep that smile shining!

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