Friday, November 16, 2012


Whoa, today is two years of this blog.
I find it hard to believe that it's true. My mouth never does stop!

It's been a very interesting two years. I've met new people through this blog and have expanded my world. I've met people from here in the US and what's more interesting is I've met people from around the world. All this getting to know has expanded my mind. I've learned.

Some of my thoughts about all of us being a lot the same have been confirmed. While our governments are very different, we the people of the world are quite a bit alike.

Everywhere people suffer from the same illnesses. Everywhere people suffer from sad things that just happen. Everywhere people suffer from the decisions of their government. We even all suffer from our own bad decisions.

Yet everywhere we all like to have a good time and laugh. We all like to share in our good. Everywhere we find successes. Even if they are small.

It makes me want to ask some questions.

Would mankind be better off if we were proud of who we are and not of what we are?

When it comes to race, is it still not better to be who we are and not what we are?

When we strip away our different governments, when we strip away our various religions, when we strip away our skin colors, when we strip away our clothes, when we strip away our bodies. Are we not what is left?

Our minds. The way we think. The way we treat others and want to be treated by others. The way we treat the world, the earth that gives us all life.

By laying aside differences I believe we can all learn from each other and share in the goodness we all find here and there throughout the world.
Seems to me that no matter the religion, all speak of peace as the thing to strive towards. If you really other to read them for yourself...

By looking at people for who they are inside and not what they are outside we begin to find that peace.

Just because I like the color red, doesn't make the rest of the world wrong if they don't. Just because I prefer Farmall tractors, doesn't make a John Deere lover my enemy.
Yet if you try to force a change in my thinking on me there is a good chance we will be fighting. But if we talk about our differences in opinions we can come to an understanding why we see things differently.

We may never totally agree. But we can gain an understanding that will lead to our acceptance of the differences.

Red Farmall tractors is what I grew up with. I have fond memories of seeing those red tractors on sunny days helping by doing their work in the fields.
There are others though who are good friends that grew up with those green John Deere tractors giving them fond memories.

I see food as a way of growing closer. I love trying foods from all over this world.
Though we all eat the same basic foods, it's how we prepare and spice them up that gives us the flavors we grow so fond of. Spice!

Are not all our differences the spice?

Just how boring would this world be if we were all exactly the same?
If we all thought exactly alike who would do the work that we don't like?

If we all liked to live in our own little worlds of self pity, we would never see a smile.
Now that would be a tragedy! A smile is a spice I certainly wouldn't want to live without.

By taking the time to listen to others and learn why they are who they are always leaves me with smiles. Often leaves me with a warmness from their memories.

Yes, there is bad in this world. But I find more of us want the good. The only way we will get rid of some of the bad is for the hordes of us who like the good to share our smiles with understanding and caring.

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