Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sucking Up ?

Nope, not about vacuum cleaners!  
Nope, not about sponges!

I post to two sites and (because of yesterdays post) a comment came up about being either a suck up to women or an enlightened guy.
I don't think I'm either...

I'd like to attempt to set the question straight...
I'm just an older single guy with sons and daughters. It would be nice to find sombody to spend my days and evenings with but, I'm comfortable with myself! It would take a really special lady to get past the walls that are put up. (Been hurt to much and to deeply) I really don't feel the need to have a partner in my life any longer.
Like I said, it would take a really special person to get in. So sucking up would be out... She'd have to “fit” in “my” life. I'm not changing or bending for no one! I also wouldn't want her to change for me. If ya don't fit together, then just be friends...

I've got a lotta nice lady's I consider friends. I hear them talking to each other and at times to me (usually when I ask them about stuff). I also have daughters. The second of which made me stop and think when she was only a baby.
I have sons who thankfully are not like I was at their ages.
Guess, my youngest daughter and time made me what I am today...

The women in my life always come back to the same topics.
After thinking a while, I thought, just maybe I could try a do something about it.

I hate to see anyone hurting. Especially when its from the words and actions of someone who just doesn't realize they are doing it. Also when they just don't care they're doing it.

I've just decided to try and show other guys, who give a darned, what they may need to see. It could just possibly, make a difference in the world. As for the guys who don't care, a word of warning so just maybe they'll have a desire to better theirselves.

No one can change another person, they have to want to change theirself.
I can only plant the seed and hope it will grow...

I want to show women that there are problem guys out here. (I know most are aware) Just maybe they could find a way to discuss with their guys, how much they're being hurt by our words and actions, after reading about it comming from another guy.

Maybe its useless, I just don't know, but it is now my lifes quest!
I'm no authority, just a older guy with something to say and time to say it.

If, from what I write, just one person gets a little help, I'll have made a diffrence for the better.

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