Friday, November 26, 2010

Great Day

Have that stuffed bloated feeling?
Don't feel like eating, ever again?
Maybe feel like ya gained 20 lbs.?
Its OK, its the day after Thanksgiving. Hope you do feel that way. Now its on to the quick diet, the Christmas shopping, hunting for gifts, the deer hunting.....
Can't understand why so many people worry about their diet at Thanksgiving when there is so much to do afterwards. With the billions of miles you'll be walking in the Malls and stores, the long treks over the fields and through the woods in search of your prey, won't you burn Thanksgiving off?
Now for you people who do nothing but sit on your fannies and surf the internet, GET A LIFE! Move a bit, go see that aunt you haven't visited in a while. Go see Grandma and Grandpa. They would probably be glad to know your still alive and breathing, unless they have a do not disturb sign on the door and are ? Busy ?..... Yep, they are still alive! Get over it. They're just burning the calories :)

Was with family and some friends yesterday. Hugs from the grand-kids, good conversation from all. Food, was excellent, ate way to much, don't think I can eat today...
My sweet little girl sure grew up to be a great mommy and an excellent cook. You really gotta stay out of her way though. My poor son in law was trying his best to help her but... He had that deer in the headlights look the whole time, was just waiting for her to yell at him for not doing “it” right or whatever... I had to chuckle! Hey, at least he tries, most guys just hide!
They're really turning out to be a great family and I'm so proud of them. They'll never know just how much!

My son, who ended up with 5 or 6 invites for the day, spent and I think intended to spend, the entire day with me! Wow, imagine that! Well, he did until, he got a call and had to go to help someone who's water heater went out... (Thanksgiving and the water heater goes out, #$@?, ouch. What am I going to do with all these #$@? dirty dishes?) Well my “White Knight” guy went and ended up replacing it for them. That's my guy, makes a dad mighty proud...

I didn't even hear from my older two... Wish I would have woke up earlier in my life and been at least half a good dad to them. I don't blame them at all for including me in their lives so little!

Just goes to show,... Hug em, love em, teach them carefully and well. It'll all come back to you one day....

Well, have a really, really great day and hug your kids. Give them all an extra hug for me!

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