Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Most Recent Rant

Its raining and chilly here and its been raining cats and dogs all night and blow me away windy! Oh well, like the song says, Rain makes corn, Corn makes whiskey, Whiskey makes my baby, feel a little frisky! Now if I just had a baby maybe I wouldn't mind the rain so much. But at least at this time of year I can say I'd rather see rain instead of snow. Just don't have to sweep, shovel, nor plow rain!
Speaking of a baby, (I started on this rant a while ago but feel the need to share) do you realise, we guys are in the habit of raving over the so called beauties we see. We drool over the fake beauties on magazine covers and in the centerfolds. By doing this we make them feel bad about theirselves. I know to us its the same as drooling over a great looking steak, or a really hot car. Well those other things have no feelings.
I've talked to many women that admit they spend so much time and money on themselves because we in doing the things we do make them feel they need to! They don't say it in so few words but its clear.
I don't mean to say we do it to them on purpose. As for me I never realised how my looks and words were so taken to heart.
I was enlightened about this on a site I spend a little time on each day that has mostly women using it. I've had a chance to try and make some of them feel a little better about theirselves and, (maybe its a dumb thing to do) intend to make it a point to try and change this. Its going to have to be a lifelong thing to do but, I've got 2 wonderful daughters and a lot of good female friends and I really don't want them feeling this way! I'm sure (I'm still a guy) I'll mess up once in a while but I've really got to work on changing this.
How would we guys feel if almost every woman we knew raved over the so called hunks out there? Yah, I don't think anyone has ever thought of me as one and I've never even wanted to be one. I'm satisfied with me as I am with all my faults but it would really be a bummer if I even thought I had to measure up to the fake movie hunks out there. Think I can say for a fact if that were the case I wouldn't have X wives or past girlfriends. I'm definitely no prize! Just a broken down old x construction worker, x biker, semi retired farmer, plain dressing red neck that has enjoyed life the best I could and still can. But this, I just gotta do.
Common guys, join in and help solve this problem! Maybe then we all will have better relationships with women. Hey, there is something in it for you too. (Maybe that'll get ya going!)
For any women that read this, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Even if you don't feel it, you are perfect just as you were made and even with the blemishes life has thrown your way! I may not personally know you but I love you all! Big or small, short or tall, chesty or flat, curvacious or not, I just thank the creator that you are here and I check you all out... Its what kind of person you are that matters the most!


  1. Nice choice of words keep it coming