Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get a Job and Shut Up

Ever wanted to just choke the ???? out of someone you know or listen to, who is looking for a job?
Me, I'm so sick of hearing it... They say I'm over qualified, I'm under qualified, I don't have any experience..... on and on.
Yah, you might be but, the biggest problem I see is ATTITUDE!

Its kinda like making a friend. If you think your to good... Aint gonna happen.
Walk in with an attitude that someone owes you... Its just not going to be your day.
It is like trying to make new friends, like trying to find a new sweetie. You have got to be on your best, normal, behavior. Court the interviewer. Let them know just how friendly you are. If your not, don't try and BS them they can see right through you. They get BS'd every day just like you. They want to be sure you'll deal well with their customers and not loose them with attitude.
They want to know you'll do the job to the best of your ability without having to babysit you. That you will be a good representative for their business.
It is possible they want something or someone specifically, but most will bend for someone teachable with a cheerful, I can do it attitude with the friendliness that you would want from the people in your life. Face it, do you want someone who brings you down? Neither does Mr. Employer or his Customers!

If its not in your chosen field and you keep hearing “Your over qualified”. Its usually the attitude. Be friendly and caring and over qualification usually won't be in your way. Add to that, a willingness to learn and do whatever it takes, and lack of experience will be less of a problem.

Go ahead, say it. “I don't have an attitude!” Uh huh, take a day, get to know you.
Shut the TV, radio, and computer off. Close the door. Live with yourself for just a day. Don't answer the door or the phone. Just be with you! Without outside interference you can get to know yourself.
Is it getting real boring? Maybe your finding out you are. Just keep to yourself and be very, very open to your thoughts about YOU. Take notes if you have to. Be honest with yourself.
Think a bit about that person you thought could be a friend but wouldn't give you the time of day. You might find out why when you look inside you.
Its called soul searching, finding out who you are, getting in touch with yourself and a few other names.
It is worth doing...

Maybe, more on this Monday... Have a good one!

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