Saturday, November 20, 2010

What? Not again! Why?

Willie found a pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl
Willie found a pretty girl, but I don't care ya know
                                      OK, now try reading it while thinking Mary Had a Little Lamb...
Here we go again... I personally don't give a whit about this Willie and Kate wedding. I didn't care about Charlie and Di. But every news program had to elaborate on the subject until I finally quit watching even the news!

I do like to keep up on whats going on out there in the world. It would be nice to know if some towel head might possibly show up in my area planning to do harm to My Country. I'd know to stock up on more ammo to take em out. 
It was kinda nice to keep up with the oil spill in the gulf. That also had something to do with My Country.
Politics??? Its helpful to know about so I can decide who I don't want to vote for. (Shame that's come down to picking the better of the worst) But common, What does a wedding twixt two Englanders have to do with the safety, the direction, or the economy of the USA?

The first ancestor I had in this country served in the 1st Bedford Militia in the war for our freedom from the tyrants that ran England. (so I figure my family was here before this Country :}) (he was certainly here before the government) (Sorry sidetracked!) Now we want to fixate on their leaderships family life?

They didn't care about us way back then and we really don't matter to them now.
It is nice to be allies in times of war, it is nice to be friendly. There's been a bunch of really good music that came out of that area of the world. But why do we give a care about their love life? I'm willing to bet if I would ever find someone and get hitched again they wouldn't fixate on my wedding, or even send a cheap gift!

OK, you media types, I HEARD. Now please move on... Don't pound it in to me every time I try to find out about important news.

One more thing, (yah like any of you would ever read this) I'm a little tired of the TSA bologna.
Just tell the people, ya wanna fly, your gonna get groped.    Ya don't want groped, walk.
Personally, I doubt I'd be real comfortable with that either but... Those big birds come down fairly easy and the trouble makers of the world can, and have, strapped explosives to their balls to do so. So I'd be very, very willing to submit to a strip search to be sure some idiot on the plane I'm getting on isn't planning to test gravity with my body.

Hmm, wonder if we should at least offer to send the TSA gropers to the royal wedding...

Wonder if the application for TSA has a line asking, 
Do you like groping?       ___ Yes ___ No ___ Live for it

Hey, its the weekend. Have lotsa fun and think of this crazy old fool while you are. And please, if you find yourself a bit tipsy, Don't Drive! 
After all if your reading this I don't wanna loose ya.

Let ALL women know they a more beautiful than those fakes on magazines!
Or ya could end up with that magazine!

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