Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'll Get Over It

Old man hairs driving me nuts. Maybe someone should invent a comb for the ears!
Hmmm, maybe an idea for a song!

Its getting close to Thanksgiving, then comes the Christmas season. The time of year I should be thinking about family, my fantastic kids, the grand babies, maybe even thinking about finding someone to have a relationship with... Yah like that'll ever happin...

But NO!
Instead I'm thinking about how our intelligent, intellectual, all knowing Government, has decided there there is no Cost of Living increase needed for yet another year... Gas is up, fuel oil is up, the caps are coming off the electric rates, now I hear on the local news that food prices are rising..... But there's no reason for a Cost of Living Increase.

I hear all the time about retired and disabled people who have to choose between a meal and paying bills, deciding to skip needed medications so they can eat or pay bills, even skipping eating decent meals so they can pay their rent! Whats wrong with this scene?

Our wonderful leaders are like some people I know, if they have a buck they have to spend it. Why can't they tighten their belts like they expect Grandma and Grandpa to do? If they'd have kept their hands off the Social Security money in the first place we'd have been fine. But no, they saw money and just had to spend it. Now they would like to hand over OUR Social Security money to the same liars and con artists who drove this country into the ditch its in right now.

Investing is like any gambling, you do that with fun money. Only after you have enough to keep bills paid and some set aside for a rainy day fund. You don't lay out money to loose if you can not afford to!

Oh well, guess I'll go eat a pbj without the pb or j they are to expensive to buy. Who'd a thunk peanut butter would be like caviar?

Hey, Hug your hunny and be thankful your not alone!

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