Friday, November 19, 2010

Its alright, I'm OK, Just A Little Grumpy For Another Day

Woke up all to early this morning. 1:30! ???

Have ya seen the TV Ad for the Shake Weight? Hmm, I gotta less expensive idea :}

I said yesterday about this country being in a ditch. I hear about it all the time on the news. Is it really in a ditch or does our Government and a few money grubbing Wall Street types just want us to think that?

Shortly after we went into this so called ditch, I went to my bank for a loan and had no problem what so ever. I mentioned to someone at the bank about the economy thing and was told the bank had no similar problems at all. They never did give out loans or mortgages to people who couldn't afford them.

Seems to me like everyone but the Billion $ businesses and those money grubbers are doing alright. Heck during my life I was out of work, down on luck, a few times. I always found there was another job down the street somewhere! Man I even over extended myself on credit! That hurt... Well, I just had to make do, do without and yah, suffer a while until I paid things off. It took a while but guess what? My credit ratings actually improved! I have tried ever since to remember the lesson I learned then and have never gotten in that deep again.

I know a pretty great guy who just a few years ago, got out of school, now has an associates degree and is never really out of work. His work is somewhat seasonal but he manages to find other work to fill in. The difference, he's not afraid to work, is willing to get his hands dirty and will take work even if it isn't what he really wants to do. He's really young in my eyes but he already gets it...

No one starts at the top. You take what you can get to eat and pay the bills. You can always keep on looking for something better while doing something you really don't care for. Its all attitude! If you have the attitude that your to good then gee, guess your to good to have money. Don't ask me for any, I have a stall that needs cleaned and a few other nasty tasks I'm sure you won't want anything to do with. If you carry a bad attitude while working everyone will notice and soon you'll be looking for another job. From a bosses standpoint, I was looking for someone when you walked in and I can look for someone else!

Well, guess my point is, quit crying, moaning and carping, get out and find something that pays the bills and be thankful for whatever you find. Do it to the best of your ability. Thats the only way things are going to even begin to get better. With a good attitude, you'll find yourself in great demand. The guy I was talking about earlier is busier than a rabbit in heat!

Hmm, the guy I was talking about also told me about another guy that has some Tech degrees and is having trouble finding work in his field. Is he a quitter? Heck no, he's working for Wally World while waiting for something good. Thats the attitude of good people!

Alright if these two can do it so can you!

See if you can make someone smile today!

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