Monday, November 22, 2010

Think About Your Lady

Are women smart? I don't know they accept us into their lives...
Are women weak? Don't think so, they take care of us, our children, our homes...
Do women need us guys? Only to have children.

Here's two from history that impress me.

Abby House 1797 – 1881
If you read a bit about her you may find yourself asking what I did. Would I even be man enough for a woman like that?
Abby was a tough old gal who said what was on her mind! But apparently very caring.
During the Civil War she personally supplied soldiers with things they needed. She helped them when they were sick or wounded. After the war she gained even more status and fame.
Now I don't feel that Abby was for the correct side of the war but I'm really impressed.
You can read about her at ( ) or just Google her.

Phoebe Pember 1833 – 1913
During the Civil War she was the Chief Matron of a hospital in Richmond VA. She worked her fingers to the bone taking care of the sick and wounded. In a mans world and often without needed medicines and supplies. She prayed with and for the soldiers who were hurt, sick and
dieing. Sad and heartbroken she just kept on working and caring.
More about her ( ) or just Google her.

I guess what impresses me the most is thinking back on the times. A mans world... Women surely couldn't and shouldn't be involved with the miseries of war. They were considered weak. To sensitive for what they might see and experience. They just couldn't handle it...
Well, even though "men" thought they couldn't, they did. They were pioneer care givers.
Even though "men" tried to get in their way, they did what they knew they should.

Common guys, who took care of your little but? Most of us, Mom!
Who taught us how to deal with the world? Mom!
Who took care of the house? Mom!
Who took care of Dad? Mom!
Who taught us our morals?

Ask yourself, what would mom think if she knew how I treated the lady I chose to be with?
Ask yourself, would I want my mother to be treated the way I treat my lady?
How would I have felt if someone spoke to my mom the way I talk to my lady?

If you had good answers to these questions, great!

If not “think”.
Think before you do.
Think before you say.
Think twice before you think she won't walk out the door and find someone that has good answers to these questions. There are more of them than ya think...

Kiss her, hug her, really let her know you care. And don't speak bad of her or down to her.
They're tougher than you know. They may look all soft, but inside, this world is theirs.

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