Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter is here, Happy New Year...

Last week was a busy week and the business still is not over.
As I sat here looking out my front windows all I can see is snow, snow, a few bare trees and more snow. I thought I'd step out onto the porch and snap a few pic's.

This one is looking slightly northeast

This is from the end of my porch looking southwest

I no longer have much appreciation of the cold and snow. Guess that's what happens after the body has had so many years of dealing with it.

Yesterday my grandson wanted to go out and play in that snow. His mom told him to ask what I thought of his idea. Well lets just say she will probably not make that mistake again. I'm kinda sure she was looking for a different answer from me...

My thoughts immediately went back to my own childhood. It didn't matter how nasty the weather was, didn't matter how much snow was laying on the ground nor how hard the wind was blowing. I was out in it and having a great time. I can almost hear my mom yelling through the blowing wind for me to come in before I froze my fingers off. But did I listen? Heck no.

There was a world of adventure out in that cold and snow. It was a different world from the usual green warm world. It was a world where I could see bunnies diving under the snow and reappearing somewhere else. It was a world where I could build my own snow fort or igloo and maybe even dig a snow cave. A world where I could get a sled and glide down the hills. Even take a old truck hood and use that for a huge sled!

I never remember feeling the cold until I would finally come back in. But that is what a warm bathtub is for. I also don't remember getting so many colds. Perhaps that was because my body was used to the cold and had more tolerance for it.

So out the grandson went.
Now earlier during the day he was complaining about having to trudge through the deep snow. Well he never complained once as he was doing it when he wanted to be out!

Sad to say but I was happy just standing inside watching him through the windows. I don't spend time out in that white stuff unless I have to any longer. My mind keeps drifting off to warmer places...

This much snow doesn't seem to come here this early anymore. It usually doesn't show up until the end of January and February, then leaves around the end of March or April. That's why my older, worn out, ache filled body is looking for a small place in a warmer climate to spend the winters at.

Someone else can shovel and plow that white stuff. Someone else can build the snowmen and send me pictures. I can come home in April and begin getting the ground ready to plant. When it's warm!

I'm not complaining... Much. But I guess this is a fitting end to my 2012. It's been a bit of a rough year. Not filled with the usual happiness and contentment I'm used to. So I'm looking forward to 2013 and hoping it goes much better and smoother.

As I prepare to get on with my day I'd like to warn everyone to be safe tonight as you celebrate the passing of 2012 and beginning of 2013.
Here the roads are icy in spots and you can never be sure where they may ice up after it becomes dark. That makes driving a risk at best.
Add that to the inevitable drinking that goes on for New Years Eve and you have a recipe for disaster.

My birthday was just a few days ago and I did celebrate! Before though I had made plans to have someone else drive me around to all the bars I wanted to visit. So even though I was admittedly drunk as a skunk I made it through with my life and body intact.

Tonight I'm hosting a small party here to celebrate. I've got cooking to do today in preparation for that and I have a place for anyone who celebrates too much to sleep and stay safe.

Please don't be one of those fools who drinks and drives. I'd certainly hate to lose you because of an accident. Readers and followers are just so hard to get.

Now for that cooking thing! I've already told the family and close friends of my intentions “not” to ever cook another holiday meal after this year. Yes this is my last.
I worked my tail off making that Christmas dinner, I'll be working it off again today making that New Years eve meal and tomorrows New Years dinner.
Let this be the official warning that I will not be doing this again!

It's up to you now to do the cooking of huge meals and I'll be glad to share them with you all.
But should I find myself in need of a holiday meal I will be finding a nice restaurant where someone else does the cooking and cleaning and keeping the building toasty warm.

Have a happy, prosperous and safe New Year!

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