Friday, December 21, 2012

Your Trying What?

I just love walking out of the comfortable living room, through the plant filled sun porch, all the way to the kitchen and then standing there wondering why I was going to the kitchen in the first place.
I'd like to blame it on the addition of the Christmas tree and other decorations that were placed on the sunporch, but I know all to well that even without that distraction I would forget.

I listened to the high winds as I lay in bed last night which are said to be bringing six to eight inches of snow today. The winds are to continue so I'm sure there will be plenty of three foot deep snowdrifts.
Almost all the outdoor work is caught up and much is even ahead, so I've decided today I will pull out the Pizzelle iron and make some more scrumptious treats to spoil the grandkids and friends.
What else do you do when it's bitter cold and windy enough to blow you into the next county!

While out checking on the critters and feeding, a hair brained idea floated through my mind.
I'm now considering doing some searching and finding out what the most popular cookies and treats from each country or culture around the world are. Then attempting to make them all to help celebrate the different holidays and various celebrations of the year.

Heheheeee, I will become cookie man!

What the heck, I already do that with many of the other foods for meals.
I started that long ago as a way to break the monotony of eating the same things all the time over and over until my taste buds screamed out in agony. Musta done a decent job of it because the kids, grandkids and friends never complained and they all seemed to enjoy.

Seems my adventures in cooking always begin when nature decides not to allow me to go out to play. When it's cold, windy and snowing it's turn to the kitchen time for warmth and play.
Odd because mom was always saying “don't play with your food”. But did I listen? NO! Now I play with all kinds of flavors and mixes of foods.
So I am not one to discourage children from playing with foods.

Experimenting can be fun. Experimenting can be tasty.
My daughter experiments with cooking and flavors. She often comes up with tasty dishes.

But experimenting can also lead to messes.
My son cooks dishes just to fill his belly. Never bland, just never quite so great. He's more into science experiments.

He builds stuff like his own idea of a hydrogen generator.
With that he succeeded. Only problem was he lit the hydrogen gas coming out of his generator and there is still a dark spot on my kitchen ceiling from where the top blew to when it exploded off.
He has since found a better way to trap the gas and burn it...

He's now working on an alcohol stove made from a soda can. When he was building that I made him go outdoors before lighting it.
Wouldn't ya know it? It didn't explode. It just sat there burning nicely with a nice warm glow.

He needs to build a concrete lab to try his experiments so I don't have to worry so much about losing the house.

Well I'm off to try some experimenting of my own. I've got this idea of adding cinnamon to the pizzelle batter. It just sounds good to me and I've got to find out. If it works it will bring me to one more flavor to add to my regular list which already includes vanilla, anise, lemon and chocolate.

So have a great day full of smiles!
Remember, baking and sharing spreads smile too.

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