Monday, December 10, 2012

Still Need Some Time Off

Have you ever given so much it hurts?
I wasn't physically healed from my last helpful spree and the phone rang. An old friend was in need of some help. So I was off to help for four days.

I'm exhausted, have a headache, the joints and muscles are very achy. I'm in a mood to disconnect the phone, lock the doors and pull the shades shut so I can hide away from the world for a week.
I feel like never helping again! But I know that will never happen. Should someone call or stop and ask I'll be there even at my own expense if it's possible. I must be the dumbest fool on the face of the earth...
Or is it the adventure? Could it be the smiles I give and the smiles I receive?

Tomorrow I have to do some running and shopping. Almost out of dog food for my four legged friends and I'm totally out of bird food for my wild friends who fly by for a visit when the ground is snow covered. I'm in need of many ingredients to make those Christmas cookies and candy too! I haven't even begun on that fifty two dozen cookies and six pounds of candy.
So there is that three or four day task ahead of me . Wonder if anyone would mind if I didn't make all those cookies and candy...
Ehh, they too bring lots of smiles when people stop by for a visit or when they receive them as gifts.

Also in a very dumb moment I decided I wanted to do all the cooking for Christmas dinner with the family and friends.
I've spent the past bunch of years at my daughters house with family and friends, where she did all the major cooking and we all took along a favorite dish. But somewhere in an idiotic moment something in my head decided I wanted to do it all this year then out of my mouth it flowed like a raging river. So once again I gave my word and now must keep it.
I really need to get my head checked or at least put a lock on my lips...

Today though I have a chance to kick back and take it easy. And that is exactly what I intend to do. Quite possibly go back to bed and take a nap.

Yah, like that'll happen. Seems there is a great correlation between me shutting my eyes for a nap and the telephone ringing...

Then too if this pesky rain would stop there are a few things outdoors that need attending to. So that idea of kicking back and taking it easy for the day may not stand much of a chance either.

I wonder how really lazy people who do nothing but sit around watching TV do it.
Heck if I try to sit and watch TV all I see is vacuuming and dusting that need done. Then before I know it I'm cleaning the house! Then my eye spies something through the window that needs done and I'm outside doing that! Once it starts it never ends until dark!

Oh well, I've rambled on enough for today. So as I go about my day with a smile on my face I hope you do the same!

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