Monday, December 24, 2012

Peace and Joy

There is so much to do today that I'm keeping the blog time very short. I'm sure everyone else is very busy also.

So I just want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.
If you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you'll share in celebrating the peace and joy of the season.

And before anyone asks, yes they are old Shiny Bright ornaments.
They once belonged to my grandma and some belonged to my mother. Mom had them put away in the attic and they had been forgotten for many years. I found them and I like them enough to use them every year. I do have a few extra boxes that I keep just in case.

Don't bother asking, I will never give up my Shiny Bright for love or any amount of money. They are promised to my kids when I no longer have any use for them.

I won't be here on Wednesday, there is much running and visiting to do.
I may or may not be back here on Friday. Thursday is my birthday and I intend to do a heck of a lot of celebrating that. Hey, it is a day that all the bars will give up a free drink for you and I intend to see how many I can visit. Birthdays are also a day when all the cheapskate friends will buy you a drink and the way I see it I've bought them and now they can buy me some spirits.
I already have a designated driver for the day lined up, who by the way owes me a really good meal at a nice restaurant that serves steaks.
So it all depends on how I feel Friday morning.

So have a great peaceful, joyous week full of smiles and sharing!

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