Monday, December 17, 2012

List This

Lists are BS.
I make grocery lists and darned if I don't miss something on that list when I'm shopping. And then when I get home I always find there was something I should have added to my list!
I make gift lists. Either I can't find what is on the list or again I forget something that is on the list.

I have made todo lists of work that needs done. Those I can usually check every darned thing off of.
Yet I have one todo list with only two items on and can't seem to finish that list. All the list has is eat and sleep for one day. The eat part gets accomplished, but there is always someone who comes along or calls to put a stop to the sleep part. Usually right before I shut my eyes or just as I'm beginning to drift off to sleep!

So, not much time to finish the Christmas shopping. Are you done yet?
I hope I am, but have been alive long enough to know someone will come up with something else to get and that someone will be me...

Not much time to finish the cookie and candy making! Hows that going?
I've got a great start and “think” I'll be done by Thursday.
Now the problem becomes hiding the darned things so there are some left for Christmas and for gifts.
The kids and grandkids seem to have a built in radar for the cookies and candy...

Then with any kind of luck I will have a day off before I start making the noodles and getting other things ready for that Christmas dinner I so insanely said I wanted to do all the cooking for this year.
I intend to make some of the dishes a day or two ahead of time. The ones that always taste better as left overs, like my German Sweet and Sour green beans.

I'm just wondering if there will be any of me left over after the holidays!

No one has mentioned yet who will be doing the cooking for New Years. Then too there is my birthday in between and I haven't heard a word about that yet.
A luxury cruise and a week for me to put my feet up and lay in the sun on some warm sandy beach with lots of girls in bikini's waiting on me would be a welcome gift. Hint, hint : )
As if that would ever happen...
But hey! A guy can dream can't he?

Hmm, maybe I should make a list and hand it to my kids!
Maybe they would have better luck checking off stuff on a list than I do.

Well I'm going out and chatting with the chickens now and seeing if they have any clucks of wisdom for me. Because my electricity is out and there isn't much else to do right now but go out and play until the power company fixes there wires again.
But that is why I keep batteries on hand and oil in the oil lamps so I'm always ready when their lines get messed up.
Have a great day full of smiles!

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