Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cancel Christmas

OK, the tree is trimmed which took all the work of carrying three big, no huge boxes from the attic down two flights of stairs and over an hours work including moving of plants and furniture to make a place for that darned tree. The decorations are in the windows, sitting on shelves and furniture which by the way I had to dust before putting the decorations on them and of course the windows suddenly needed cleaned. The train is under the tree and running well. But that caused more work. Had to clean and use some emery paper on the danged tracks so there is good contact for the electricity.

The shopping is still not done even after spending an entire day being coerced by sales people, ignored by sales people, ripped off by greedy stores with their high prices, having to explain what I was looking for to sales people who apparently do not understand any language what so ever.
Being blocked from what I was reaching for on shelves in stores by obviously blind customers, having to search for things because someone decided to change the layout of stores, having my cart moved when I wasn't looking and then having to look for it while in a heart stopping panic. Having people ask me if I knew where what they wanted was. I don't even look like a sales person!
Almost getting into an accident because people are in so much of a hurry in a danged parking lot they think a vehicle that is backing out of a space is a thing to race behind. At least now I know the brakes are good...

Then in the attempt to finally end my day of the shopping torture by getting the groceries and supplies for the baking, I'll be darned if I wasn't so tired exhausted and mentally beaten that I didn't forget three things on my grocery list!

Hmm, should Christmas be downsized? Banned?? Outlawed???

That would surely make life much easier. That would certainly save lots of hard earned cash. Just consider how much gas that would save!
Heck, I could stay home and spend the time sipping coffee instead of shopping. My legs wouldn't feel like rubber after an entire day of shopping which has now turned into needing to waste another day of my life for the stuff I forgot and stuff I couldn't find!
I could spend that time playing with the dogs or talking with the chickens. If I feel like walking I could go for a walk through the fields and woods.

Makes a guy wish he had never taught his children about Christmas. Makes a guy wish he would have given his children birth control for gifts when they were older so there wasn't so many grandchildren to buy gifts for. Heck makes a guy wish he would have given more consideration to birth control!
Makes me feel like staying at home so no one knows me and I don't have so many friends to buy stuff for or share my truckload of cookies with. Those darned cookies would last me a year!
Ehh OK, Maybe a month. But I do like my cookies.

Yah yah. I do enjoy playing Santa. I get a kick out of the smiles on the grandchildrens faces when they open their gifts. I do have fun playing with them and their toys. It makes me smile to make other people smile when I give them their gifts. I enjoy getting gifts. I find some kind of joy when I give those cookies out as gifts and I see the smile on others faces even while they are drooling to sink their teeth into them. Even enjoy talking to and making others smile when I'm going through the tremendous torture of shopping.

Oh well, I guess I can manage to somehow endure. But I can darned sure wish there was an easier way.

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