Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Arguing ? Adults ?

You just have to love it when so called adults start acting like children by calling names and arguing. It just makes me smile.
Then when it's two guys who are doing the childish name calling I get an even bigger laugh.

Part of being an adult is knowing when to keep your mouth shut. If someone says something you don't like you can choose to be the bigger person and ignore the words. Yet all to often words start flying back and forth making both look like complete fools.

Another part of being an adult is knowing how to pick and choose your battles. If it really has no importance on your life it's not worth fighting over. If it's because of something you really don't need in your life it's not worth fighting over. If it's over someone who doesn't want you it's not worth wasting your time fighting over.

By keeping your mouth shut you allow the other person to make a fool of theirself. By opening your mouth you allow yourself to look like a fool.
If it's lies that the other person is saying they will eventually be found out and look like a fool. But when you fight and argue in public and look like a fool that is what will be long remembered.

So just exactly what do you want to be looking like...

Have a great day!!!

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