Saturday, September 1, 2012

Have To Make My Own Fun

I keep hearing the line that the right person will come along. Yah right, mine must be blind, has no legs and lives on an island without communication...

Have you ever felt someone should invent a crapometer... Wouldn't that make a great thing to carry in your pocket?
When someone starts speaking to you there would be no need to spend precious time wondering. It could sense the BS and alarm you by blurting out crap.

Had a busy day yesterday. By the end of the day my back and neck were aching and I was exhausted. When I came in I already had my mind set on a not exactly healthy dinner. I just didn't feel like eating anything but a piece of pumpkin pie.

So I tossed a crust together quickly and mixed up the filling. Put that baby in the oven, set up the coffee maker to make some coffee and went for a shower. By the time I finished the shower it was about time to take the pie from the oven. Left the pie cool for about a half hour and enjoyed.

Heck I was in bed by about seven. I laid and stretched and rested the back while watching TV. Wouldn't ya know, there wasn't a thing worth watching... But the pain eased up and I had a pretty good nights sleep.

Woke up this morning and began to move about. Yup, the pain is still there. But I have things that need done today, so I'll just gently push through and hope I don't push to hard and cause more aches.

There are a ton of places to go and things to do around here this weekend, but I'm way to busy to go have fun. I could go to the fairs in the evenings when I'm done trying to play catch up, but I suspect I'll be way to tired and probably shouldn't push the spine more than necessary.

Along with Labor day celebrations there are four fairs going on this weekend that are relatively close by. I usually try and get to all of them but this year I won't.

Sometimes priorities take the fun out of living. But I try my best to have all the fun I can by making my work as enjoyable as possible. I can always find something to smile and laugh about.

Hope you are having a fun and enjoyable weekend!

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