Monday, September 24, 2012

What are you missing with your busy life

Good times come infrequently, good times pass to fast. Always live for today and any good time that it may hold...

It's best to plan for the future but those who spend all their time only dwelling on the future miss so much of what's around them.
I decided after the morning chores that I would go for a walk yesterday morning.

While walking along the edge of one field I found that hundreds of small crab apples had fallen. So I stopped to pick a bunch up to give to the chickens as a treat. While kneeling on the ground stuffing my jacket pockets full of them I spied some turkeys coming out of the corn field.

They stopped and watched me as I finished filling my pockets. When I was done I walked about thirty feet away and behind a bush. I waited only about three minutes and sure enough the turkeys went straight to the place I had been. Guess after stuffing theirselves on corn they wanted crab apples for desert. I watched a bit as they pecked at the crab apples then continued on my walk.

When I made the turn at the end of the field there were six deer staring at me. In very short order the tails waved their white flag and they disappeared into the field of corn. Wonder if I looked that hungry...

It's been very busy here lately with fall coming on and a lot of work that needs done but sometimes it does the heart good to take a little time off and just relax with a walk.

Just this morning I saw a dew drop hanging from a leaf on a tree. As the sun shined on it in the breeze it twinkled with reds, blues, yellows and greens. I couldn't seem to stop myself from sitting on the steps and enjoying the twinkling that reminded me of a twinkle light on a Christmas tree. Not only was it beautiful, but it was very relaxing and soothing to the soul.

Last Wednesday it rained off and on all day. So I slipped out during a pause in the rain and hurriedly picked all the red ripe tomatoes I could find. Brought them in, washed them, chopped them in big chunks, ran them through the Victorio strainer and cooked them into more tomato sauce.

While adding the basil and parsley I got the idea I was hungry for steak pizzaiola. So after turning the burner to a very slow simmer for the sauce, I put my huge pan on the stove and charred the outsides of two really nice steaks. Grabbed a jar of the sauce I'd made before and added that and the other things I like and left that stew away for a few hours.

I decided later to cook some spaghetti to put the pizzaiola sauce over and have that with the wonderfully flavored steaks.
They were fork tender and tasted like a bit of heaven!

I got lucky! The son apparently was in a lazy mood when he got home and didn't bother looking in the fridge. So I had the second steak and spaghetti the next day as well.
When he's in his lazy moods he's to lazy to lift a lid and look at what might be inside a bowl. It might be work... So he misses good things that might be hidden from the eye and opts for the quick and easy instead.

Always in a hurry. Always the need to scurry. Missing out on good things, all because of worry.

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