Monday, September 3, 2012

I Plan The Day Off

To all the real workers of the world, happy Labor Day!

All the years I worked I never had a Labor Day that I didn't work. Even when working at my own business I worked. Now that I don't have to go to a job every day I still work. But really what else makes a person happier than working...
To be busy and doing something productive that you like doing just seems to make the heart happy.

It's when sitting around doing no work that my mind tends to think about sad things like loneliness.

Over the weekend with some help from my son we finally managed to get the chicken coup moved from the back of the lawn to down by the garden. So now the dogs won't be pestering the chickens all day long. I'll also have a shorter trip to haul the old hay filled with fertilizer from the coup to the garden.

The mum's my daughter and grandkids helped plant in the front yard by the birdbath are looking great and doing well. It sure added a splash of color there and I've noticed almost everyone who has driven by checking them out.
Those pieces of gutter I hung on the porch railing then filled with flowers and a few herbs are doing fantastic. I've been eating all summer long from the basil, parsley, mint and stevia. My porch is surrounded by the colors from the blooming flowers. The humming birds seem to like it too. They seem to feed from the flowers as much as they do from the four feeders.

We haven't really had a drought here this summer, but it's been dry enough that the apple trees don't have an over abundance of apples nor does the pear tree have an over abundance of pears. The grapes did OK but we've eaten so many I doubt I'll have enough left to make jelly this year. Still have some left in the canning cupboard though.

The corn in the fields that pretty much surrounds me this year is looking great. As do the other crops planted nearby that I see every day. I have one more field with a second crop of hay left to mow and bale. It's a little bit late because of the dryness this summer, but it's looking great compared to most years.

So it's just about time to begin cleaning up and getting ready for winter. I've spent so much time playing catch up this summer that I'm not ready for fall. I want to go back and have some of the summer fun I missed. Oh well, there's always next summer to look forward to.

It's also time to begin cutting up fire wood and stacking it near the house in preparation for the cold snowy days to come. Time to get the trimming done along the edges of the fields so they don't grow smaller because of trees and brush taking over.

Time to check out the roofs for any wear and damage that needs fixed before the weight of the snow gets on them. Time to begin sealing up the outbuildings to prepare for the icy cold winter winds.

Yup, there's always some work to find that can keep you busy.
Today though I'll be keeping busy at the grill. I have family and friends coming over for a Labor Day picnic.

I have steaks and chicken marinating. Have three bean salad, pickled beets and some pasta salad already made. Others will be bringing some of their favorites also. There will be kids running and playing and no doubt screaming loud enough to make the world cringe. People chatting and all sharing tales of their summer and summers past.

After the grilling is done I fully intend to do nothing but chat and rest. Might be doing that with a drink in hand. But not for too long!

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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