Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get Me Outta Here

I wonder how many Lego blocks it would take to build a house. I'm sure that after my children and now grandchildren have lost so many around here there should be enough!
Lost Lego's, a bit like lost socks I can understand. They're small and not used and seen every single day. Although they should be put in certain places sometimes they're not.
But it baffles the heck outta me how I can lose forks, knives and spoons.
Here I am again wondering where the heck a fork disappeared to again...

After the morning chores were done yesterday I was feeling lazy and out of it. So I made the only decision my mind could or maybe wanted to make. I decided to run away for the day to my favorite fishing hole in the middle of the woods. Yup, I played hookey from life for the day!

Now today though I guess I have to play catch up. I don't care, it was worth it to have some relaxation and clear the mind.
Sometimes I find that is the best thing to do when my mind is all clouded from the day to day.

Even when still working every day I would find some day where I could just blow off life. Usually over the weekend. I'd just run away from the normal and do whatever I could to relax and clear my mind.

The darned weather here has been very cool lately. It's drawing out that want of mine to buy a small, maybe an acre or two, piece of ground further south and either build a small cabin type house or get a camper to park on it during the winter. Although it's just getting chilly here now I know that come January, February and March there will be wind and snow along with well below freezing temperatures. That is something I definitely want to run away from!

I'm still leaning towards finding a place near some decent fishing holes and where I can maybe plant a small garden while I'm there for three or four months a year.

Heck it's just me and the outlook for me finding someone to share my life with seems very slim to none, so I don't need a big place. Just some place nice and in a warmer climate for the winters. A place in the woods would be perfection.

Well, while I play catch up today and ponder that idea I hope you'll have a great day and enjoy the playground of the world wherever you are!

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