Friday, September 14, 2012

Why do we listen to chickens

I've never been one that left fear stop me from doing things. If I think of doing something and it feels right, I do it. If I feel a fear pop up I just let it be a warning to be careful and think about how I'm doing things.

Some people let other people talk fear into them. They want to do something and even plan out how they will do it. Then when talking to others they let the fear of those others build in their own minds.

I wonder how many fun things, wonderful times, great lives have been stopped dead in their tracks by fear...

How many people suffer in a hum drum or lonely life, an existence, because of fear...

Maybe it's because for so many years, like my entire life, I've been around people and have been a person who planted seeds every year not knowing whether the rain would fall in a high enough amount to let them grow. Spent a tidy sum of money on seed, fertilizer and fuel, spent many hours of my life. All on a hope and bet that if I did my part well the universe would look after me and my plans would work out well.

I didn't let sorry forecasts from some weather man for a bad year stand in my way! And the worst years I've had were break even years.
Heck even this year with the garden I allowed to get away from me with weeds. I got a nice crop of tomatoes and other stuff from anyway. Would have been better if I'd stayed home and put more energy into it, but I took a chance on something else.

Now that something, or someone else allowed so called friends to instill their fears into them. That brought a chance to have a wonderful life to a quick end. A life they said they had always wanted.

There were times in my life when others tried their darnedest to instill their fears into me. Like when I wanted to try rock climbing, like when I wanted to try racing, like when I was young and started a band. I didn't listen to the people who are afraid to take a chance and I had the greatest of times!

If we don't step away or past our fears we can't ever find the good that lies on the other side.

Heck, even though my plans this year to have someone in my life went bad it wasn't a total bust. I had a great time visiting some place new. Found an area of the country that sounds like the perfect place for me to spend my winters in now that I'm older and don't want to deal with the heavy snows, the ice and the cold winds any longer.

By taking chances life can be enjoyable at least. But more often taking the chances leads to better than enjoyable. More often it leads to great things!

So quit thinking and start doing. Don't let life pass you by.

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