Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's Next

I just thought this was hilarious.

I've been talked to, talked at, growled at, scolded, chewed out, yelled at and cussed out.
I've been hit, kicked, punched, sucker punched, beaten and forgotten.
Been stepped on, pushed, shoved, been left stuck in the mud.
I've been ill, been sick, have bled and been broken.
Had a tree fall on me out in the woods.
Rolled and tumbled down a hill with a half ton of motor cycle in hot pursuit.
Been in wrecks no one should have walked away from.
Fell from roofs and walked away.
I've been lied to, lied at, lied about and left down.
I've lent and not been repaid, been robbed, swindled and conned.
Been ignored, dejected, heartbroken and left alone to sigh in the darkness.
Had some good times and way to many bad times, ups and downs to rival any roller-coaster ride.
Had dreams crushed, been confused, been told I'm full of crap.
Been loved then dropped like a pile of hot rocks and never found a love that would last.

Now after all this you'd think a person has nothing to live for.
No hope, no reason to carry on and see another day.

But in this goofy mind there lies one reason.

I just wanna hang around to see what the heck comes next!

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