Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eek, My Ears

Spent yesterday watching the grandkids. I didn't get to sleep the night before until quite late and then woke up very early in the morning.
I had forgotten just how loud kids can be when playing! There I was just as tired as tired could be and there they were just as loud as they could be. My head was spinning.
But I managed to survive.

Being that their mother will soon (like in two days) be starting work at six thirty in the morning means that they will be here all bright eyed and bushy tailed at six. I may have to start getting up at four thirty so I can have my morning coffee in peace and quiet...

That back pain that started three weeks ago is still being relentless. I'm getting my work done and walking slower than a snail. I'd just like to be able to walk again without the pain slowing me down. Work keeps falling farther and farther behind. The son can't help much. He's busy working at his job then after work he works more. I'm glad he's so busy though.

So life goes on and things are looking up for the kids. As for me, maybe next spring I'll get back to a reasonable life of caring for some new calfs. Hopefully the back will straighten up by then and I can get back to doing my work normally. I'm kinda sure the house will suffer again. But at least I had the time to get it cleaned up real nice and have and am making more repairs and getting some new furniture and other things.

I was going to tear a wall out in the kitchen and make some changes there, but being it's just me I've decided to just make some smaller changes and be done with it. Heck, I don't need a bigger kitchen. I don't even need quite so big of a house!

I have like four rooms I don't even use. They just seem to collect junk!
In the next month or so I intend to get into them and start ridding them of the stuff that's collected in them. I'm gonna do it the easy way. I'll park the truck under the windows and just start tossing stuff in the bed and haul it away.

I will be turning one small bedroom into a humongous walk in closet. Complete with shelves and built in cabinets with lots of drawer space. Figure I can store seasonal clothes and things in there. I may just build a really secure rifle cabinet in there too. Kinda make an area of it for my hunting and fishing equipment, clothes and supplies… Though I could do that with the dining room. Hmm, that's something to consider. What the heck do I need a dining room for. Any time I have people around we eat in the kitchen or out at the picnic table. That dining room is just another room that has collected unused and probably unneeded junk.

As for the other two rooms, I have no idea what to do with them. Guess I'll just clean the up then shut the doors and forget them.

Oh well, there is always things to think about and ponder. So as I go about my day I guess I'll just ponder the possibilities.

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