Friday, August 3, 2012


Well things are slowly getting back to normal.
Picked up the part for the mower and got it fixed once again. Got the mowing caught up but it's time to start all over again. We've had lots of rain and the lawn just keeps on growing. By the time I finally finished what was started before the mower broke down again it was really time to start again... Imagine that!

Finally got the part back for the main tractor and got it installed. That allowed me to get back into the field I started mowing before it broke down and finish it. Now only four more fields to mow off. I've lost a lot of the first crop of hay because of that breakdown, but with all the rain we're having there is a good chance for a great second crop.

The electric wiring to all the outbuildings is now all finished. Yay! I can use my woodshop on rainy days again!!! To me that's a huge blessing. When I spend time there I get things built and it keeps my mind occupied with good thoughts. Busy hands keeps the mind from dwelling on bad stuff.

I'm eating fresh tomatoes from the weed patch of a garden, so not all is totally lost there. I even took some homemade garlic bread and brushed it with extra virgin olive oil, laid on some sliced tomatoes, put on some fresh chopped up basil and parsley, then sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and put it under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese was melted and browned. Had that for breakfast one day this week!!!
Might have that for dinner tonight too...

With the help of my son we finally got the transmission out of the truck. Not sure if it's going to be an easy fix or if I will look for another transmission. The input shaft broke off and we're still trying to determine if that caused any problem deeper inside the gears.

With any luck (which is in dire shortage here this year) the truck will be back on the road soon.

The son started a new job. He's not totally thrilled with it or so he says. But like I said to him, it's steady income. That will help him pay his bills so I don't have to help with that. And just maybe he can start paying me back...

Speaking of back. I took mine out again but only for a day. When I was in the field mowing the bolts that held the cutter bar gave me problems. One must of got loose and worked out which caused the other to shear off. Well when I had to lay on the ground to reach the area to fix it my back said enough. By the time I was finished I had a lot of trouble standing back up. But I managed to get up, climb back on the tractor and finish the project. Luckily by the time I was done my daughter showed up. So I sent her to the house to get my second cane so I could walk back to the house. Life with a truly messed up back stinks! You can just never be sure when it's going to go out and leave you stuck...

I've been checking out back braces and I guess it's time to get serious and get one. I hesitated all these years because of an old passed friend who broke his back and had to wear one. When he had to wear his, his muscles got weaker which gave him even more back problems. Seems wearing one can do that... So I guess when I finally get one I'll only wear it when doing things that I know are stressful to my back.
Just wish I knew the best back brace to buy...

I'd still rather crawl in a cave and hide until this year is over but as we all know that is not an option. So I'm doing my best to keep hanging on to that rope of hope.
Bad times do come into a life, but better times always follow. Ya just have to keep at it until the luck changes.

So on to more fix ups for the weekend. Yup, there is always something to do!!!

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