Friday, August 17, 2012

Me, Me, Me

How much better would this world be if everyone just stopped thinking of me...

So many tend to only think of theirself. I want. I need. I'd like. I want to.
Yes, poor poor pitiful me.

Sure we all want and need things. We all have dreams and desires.
Many times though I've found I get more of what I want or need when I help others get what they want or need. That also helps me get a bigger smile when I've helped others. By making them happy I've unwittingly made myself happy.

Yet as a society we tend to only think of what we need as the most important thing in life.

Think about it! When your working you give the boss what they need. As a result you get a paycheck which is something you need to get the things you need. Don't and you get fired or laid off and get nothing.

When helping others we give them what they need. We may not get paid in cash but we make and enforce friendships. Often when we need help they are there for us. But the biggest payoff is the great feeling we have inside.

This weekend how about not thinking about me and trying to help someone else.

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