Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Goes On

Drug my tired rear out of bed yesterday morning, fed the dogs and left them out to the yard for the day and then proceeded to tear the mattress and box springs apart and moved them to another room.


Now I don't tend to move the bed to clean because of it's size and the fact that I'm just a lazy guy. So it hasn't been moved or torn down for a few years. I wasn't ready for the layer of dust that had accumulated under the bed. Nor the dog hair and various pieces of paper and dinosaur sized dust bunnies that were hiding there.
I vacuumed three times to get all the dust out of the carpet.

The new mattress and box springs came during the afternoon. Well the new box springs is about three inches thicker than the old one. The delivery guys couldn't get it up the stairs. So I had to take the railing down from the stairs to get it up.

With the railing back in place it was time to put the cover and then the sheets on the new bed. Gotta say, I could hear it calling me the rest of the afternoon and during the evening.

What a difference!

I slept like a baby last night. I don't recall waking up from back pain during the night at all. I also felt really refreshed when I did wake up early this morning.

Rowdy wasn't to sure about the new bed. It sets higher than the old one did and instead of jumping up he hid under the bed. After a while though he finally scaled the new heights and joined me for a great nights sleep. I was really hoping he wouldn't though... Guess the retraining to stay off the bed has to start.

In about two weeks, two new chairs for the living room will be here. It dawned on me that since I'll be watching the grandkids I should probably pick up some throw covers for the new recliners before they get here. That just might possibly keep the new looking new a bit longer. Kids do have a way of spilling stuff and carrying stain inducing dirt. Of course so can older son's...

Seems though that after twenty three years he's finally getting the point that dirty shoes come off before walking through my house. Shame I had to make him move out to the apartment over the equipment shed before he finally got that...

So life is moving on. It's a bit of a shame I don't have someone to share it all with, but life goes on.

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