Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It Is Your Business

When you have a cow that is always attacking the herd or causing other problems you cut it from the herd and turn it into freezer beef.
When you have a chicken who is always attacking the rest of the flock you invite it in for dinner.
When a dog or cat attacks and bites other dogs and cats or worse yet people you have it put to sleep.

It's not an automatic response though. Normally you try your best to correct the behavior first.

It's no different for people.
When someone or some animal commits crimes against the society they live in we take them from that society by locking them up. We try and offer ways towards correcting whatever it is they do which brings that society down or hurts it.

If that doesn't work we either lock them away from society for the remainder of their life or we bring their life to an early end.

There are times too when whatever they have done is so detrimental to society that we skip the trying to correct them.

Why some creatures or humans go bad is a question that may never be answered. There could be many partial answers. Each may have a different reason. A different set of circumstances that brought them to where they are or how they think.

But we can't allow them to go on doing more damage to society.

With the outbreak of murders that make no sense and the rash of masses of people being murdered by people who seem to have lost their mind, my heart is breaking.
I'm being saddened by this so much it makes my personal problems seem like absolutely nothing.

Then I hear someone say “it's none of my business so I don't let it bother me.”

Uhh, excuse me. None of your business...

Don't we all live in this society? Are we all not a part of this society?
It's the business of each and every one of us! We all make up the society we live in around this entire globe. What goes on while we are here is the business of all of us.

Perhaps if all of us quit saying it's none of our business we could begin to make a change for the better.
When we see someone being bullied it's our society that's being bullied. That makes it our business. When we see a woman being abused it's abusing our society. That makes it our business. When we see a child being abused or even taught bad things it's happening to our society. That makes it our business. When we hear of a inhumane leader in a far off country doing wrong to his people it's doing wrong to our society. That makes even that our business.

When we say it's none of our business we are saying it's alright for our society to be brought down. What happens anywhere in our world is our business and we should make it our business to attempt to correct the situation.

Just my thoughts...

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