Monday, August 20, 2012


There I was, all comfy and snuggled between the sheets for the night and the phone rings. I usually have a way of ignoring the ringing when it's late and I'm in bed. But last night the phone was answered. It was from my oldest and best friend who deserted me and moved to Florida years ago.

We talked for well over an hour. Found out we're both doing fine other than the bad backs and worn out bodies. Wonder if some of the insane stuff we used to do together had anything to do with the worn out bodies...
We recalled many of those things we did. Even discussed doing some again! Yah, like we even could. Hey we could die trying! At least we'd both have a smile on our faces.

He spent some time talking to my son and said he was calling my daughter after we got off the phone. He's kinda like their second dad. Both my two youngest kids respect him and think he's the greatest. Quite often they both say how much they miss him.

Anyway, that's why I'm so tired this morning. Heck I was even late getting out of bed this morning. Never used to be like that. I'd stay up and usually out for half the night and still be the first one on the job in the morning. There was never a good enough reason to be late for work or call off.

Seems that the weather in Florida is way to danged hot for me. It was night and he said he was sitting on his screened porch with sweat pouring. Sounds like when I was just out in Indiana and there wasn't a day under 100 degrees. To darned hot for my liking. It's been in the 70's here and that I like.

I'm still thinking that I'd like to get a small piece of property in southern Indiana for the winters though. From what I was told their winters are like our spring and fall. They really don't know what real snowfall is and the temps aren't very cold at all. It sounds like light jacket weather to me.

I do know that I don't look forward to the winters here any longer. Drifted snow up to my butt and cold that makes the moisture from my breath freeze in my beard and mustache are not for me anymore. The son is here and the daughter is nearby and they can take care of feeding while I'm away and can keep an eye on the place. I can be sitting beside a river in a jacket fishing.

The love life may never get any better than nothing, but I can still have a good time and enjoy. Heck, been alone for so long now that it kinda is a way of life. Heck just this morning I had a raisin filled cookie and a huge piece of cake for breakfast. Now how many married guys can get away with that!

Have a great day! Think I'm gonna take a nap as soon as I finish what I need to get done this morning.

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