Monday, August 27, 2012

You Have To Try

Wow did I manage to forget how much work two little ones were. Forgot how much energy they have too. Four days of watching them and they have me worn out!
We've settled arguments, gotten lessons on not hitting, lessons on sharing and had pappy cooking more in one day than he cooks in a week. At least there are no leftovers.
We've about worn out the vacuum cleaner and used up all the clean rags.
But school starts this week so I'll have more hours of the days to myself. I may have to spend them sleeping so I can get rested up!

I have ordered two new recliners for the living room and they're due to come today. I made a special trip to the store to find two new chair covers to help protect them from the inevitable spills and grandson dirt.

I'm definitely outside of my comfort zone. I've gotten quite used to having no little ones to be responsible for. But I am also having all kinds of fun!

Then again, life begins one step outside of your comfort zone.
If you don't take that step you can do nothing to make changes in your life. If you don't take that step there is no way you can improve your life. If you don't take that step you can't find new ways to have fun.

When an opportunity to better your life or get something you always felt you wanted comes your way and you decide not to take it because of fears or doubts, your stuck. Stuck in what you consider the hum drum. Stuck in what you consider is misery or boredom. Giving up the chance to have fun.

What could be even worse is when someone tosses you a lifeline and offers to help you make the changes and you say no or back out at the last minute. Then you've wasted their time and possibly any money they've spent to help you. There is a really great chance they will not make the offer again. You will be on your own should you again change your mind. Heck it's quite possible they will have a real hard time trying to help anyone else. So you may be taking away someone else's chance for a positive change.

You have to be a little brave and take that chance, take that first step.

Nothing is final. Should you make that change and find out later it's not exactly what you want or it just doesn't work the way you want, you have the ability to make another change. You can decide to go back to where you were before or even to go in some other direction.

Only thing that is for sure is that if you don't at least try, nothing will ever change.

There is a line that fits here.
I would rather be lying on my death bed saying I tried than asking what if.

This life is too short not to take chances. Too short not to try and better your situation. Too short not to have as much fun as possible when you can.

After I get straightened up financially from the last attempt to help someone have a better life I will find someone else who wants a change and will help them. I've been lucky enough to have had several people help me when I needed or wanted changes in my life. So deep within myself I feel obligated in life to attempt to help others where and when I can. I have before and I will again!

If your in the position to help others you should try it. It always seems to come back to you in some good way. It also helps you make lifelong friendships. It also helps put a great feeling inside you. It also helps put a brighter smile on your face.

Take the chances you have in front of you and really enjoy this life.

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