Monday, May 7, 2012

Yup, I'm Late

Yes, I'm late. Usually on Mondays I try to leave a little something here for motivation. Not today.

See, things didn't exactly go as planned this weekend. I had wanted to finish the garden planting and get the lawn mowing caught up.
Well only half the garden got done. All but one large patch of the lawn got mowed.
There were other things that popped up. None of which is really important here. The sauce tomato's are in, the eating tomato's are in, lettuce, spinach, radishes and carrots are in. The bell peppers, mild hot peppers and the cayenne hot peppers are in. The cucumbers and zucchini are in. But I didn't get finished.

Then Sunday late evening when I was just about to finish that last spot of the lawn mowing danged if I didn't hit a big piece of firewood that was being hidden by the tall grass and broke another mandrel on the mower deck. Now thinking of what it costs to replace that darned mandrel doesn't make me happy, but my back had had enough and if it wouldn't have broke I may be in bed today on my stomach again. Groaning from pain.

So after my first cup of coffee this morning I took a short drive because I'm nosy. I wanted to see how everyone else in the area was coming along with the planting. Almost everyone is close to finished. With that wonder out of the way and once again home I thought I'd take a short walk in the beautiful cool morning air. Had a really nice walk while listening to the birds sing their songs and seeing the world waken from a nights sleep.

Then I had some more coffee. While thinking what I would write for you today, those darned old priorities crept into my mind. That garden wasn't finished.

So out I went and got the tiller and began. It's afternoon now and I'm glad to say that all the planting I wanted done is done. The sweet corn is in and the green beans are in.
It's said by the weather forecasters that it's to begin raining here later today and will be rainy and wet the rest of the week. So getting that finished and out of the way before the rain just made sense.

Many times in life things get I our way of what we want to or have to get accomplished. Having unaccomplished tasks that are important to us clogs or fogs our minds. So best thing to do is get them done.

That is prioritizing.

If I wouldn't have finished that gardening it would have bugged me for days. I have a few weeks off and a trip planned. Just when I would have gotten back to the garden could be anyone's guess. That could have messed with my mind for the time off I so dearly want and am looking forward to.

Not deciding to place our priorities for bills in order can mess with our thoughts and happiness also. No one likes to hear it but it is something we need to do.

Having unfinished things in our minds just has a way of eating on us. In some marriages unpaid bills cause so much frustration they causes fights to erupt. The unpaid bills seldom get mentioned, but they are clogging the mind and making it impossible to tolerate the little things. I've observed it and sad to say, been through it myself.

So I made the decision to finish that garden. Now as I finish writing I'm hearing thunder off in the distance. But I can smile because the garden is in. I won't have to water that garden, and I will be unencumbered by the thought of that unfinished garden while I have my needed and wanted time off and away.

By keeping things in their proper place, those darned old priorities, my life can be happier and my smiles can flourish.

Hope your smiling too!

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