Wednesday, May 9, 2012

At It Again

There is talk in the air. Seems the legislators are at it again. Making dumb decisions.
In light of all the school kids who get hurt playing sports for their schools our wonderfully intelligent legislators are talking of fining the schools.

The schools!

Give me a break. Isn't that like fining yourself?
Should we fine the schools and they run short of money they will only have to raise taxes even higher to cover the losses from the fines.

What makes more sense to me would be to fine the coaches who are in charge of the players and are supposed to be looking out for their safety.
It's them who are not taking their entire job seriously. It is them who are pushing sports players beyond the bounds of safety. It is them who are allowing players to wonder beyond the bounds of safety. It is them that could first sideline players who choose to push their limits beyond safe limits.

Schools and administrations should be allowed to fine their hired coaches if they are not doing their jobs.

To fine the schools!
That just makes no sense to me at all. And I only see higher taxes to myself and all of us because of decisions that are not thought out completely, in advance of making decisions.

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