Monday, May 28, 2012

Need Another Escape Already

My trip home last Monday went well. Was uneventful except for a deserved speeding ticket. I was angry with myself, not the cop that pulled me over.
There was no one else on the road but me, so I had picked up a paper that I had my directions on and was reading that while keeping and eye on the road. I wasn't looking at the speedometer. I had crept up over 70 and then probably even a little faster.

I should have pulled off the road to look at that list and not kept driving. Anything could have run across the highway or even another driver could have come zooming along. So Like I said, I deserved that ticket. It was a warning to me to pay attention to the driving and not the directions unless I was pulled over to look at them.

I got to see some pretty country. The land was flatter than I'm used to, but it was mostly rolling hills. The people of the area were friendly and very polite.
I did like the prices of things there. They were cheaper than here at home on many things. Got to dip a line in the Ohio river between Indiana and Kentucky. Caught a fish with every cast.

I never even changed my gear from what I use on much smaller streams. I stretched my line and gear to their limits. My plan was to test the waters, see what fish and what size fish were there and then make plans for the next time I'd be there. I had fun.

My wonderful friend and I spent many hours talking, laughing and smiling. We hiked fields, walked woods and wondered along the river. We even saw a kindred spirit of mine wondering freely. An ass that probably made it's escape and was roaming around. I call him my kindred spirit because I'm as stubborn as they are.

I even snapped a photo when my friend got out of the vehicle and was standing and looking at him. Yes, I have photographic proof that not only men stand around staring and check out asses!
I won't put the photo on here though because of privacy and not wanting to give the ill minded something to do...

My friend and I became much closer and our feelings towards each other grew. Quite possibly more on that to come...

But since returning home I've been busier than a cat with two tails. My first surprise was to find out it didn't rain enough while I was gone to even settle the dust. So a thorough watering of the garden was well overdue. Yet my lawn had grown fast enough to need mowing. Looked like it could have been mown twice a week. Then there were many other things that needed done and caught back up. There was also my case of the tireds after all the excitement and driving. My tail has really been dragging...

Other than just looking at my truck we haven't started taking it apart. Did find though that a brake line had burst sometime through the events that left me along side the road broke down. So I'm feeling even luckier that I broke down. If not I soon would have been in some heavy stop and go traffic. Should that brake line have burst then there could have been some serious injury! So again instead of being upset over a break down I'm feeling very blessed that the universe is looking out for me and watching over me.

I've still got lots of work to do and much to get caught back up on, but I hope to get back to more regular blogging now.
But I really wish I could just lay in bed a few days and sleep...

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