Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nagging Thoughts

I read this line quite some time ago on another blog and it stuck in my head. It's been long enough that I just can't remember for sure who's blog it was. So I just don't know for certain who deserves the credit for it. I do think it was .

There’s nothing sexier than watching your husband empty the dishwasher completely unprompted.”

That line made so much sense. Anytime when in a relationship that I did something mundane when it was least expected, I was treated like a king.
It would bring smiles to my partners face which in turn she would put a smile on my face. I really never expected that, it just happened.

It seems that doing things unexpectedly can excite and intrigue your lady.
Then again though doesn't it work that way for everyone...

You may not believe she could be as tired as you but chances are she is. If you don't buy that, then next time you have a week off of work you do her job. Not what you think her job is, but do all that she does day to day.

Bud, my X left. She left me with two little children to raise on my own. One was three, the other was nine months. Not only did I have to work, I also had to be Mr. Mom. It wasn't like working two full time jobs, it was more like working three. Daddy, nanny and the cleanup guy.

Think your job gives you mental challenges? Be challenged all day and evening by the kids. Think your boss is tough to work for and keep happy? Try working for the home and you.

Put yourself in deep thought and just imagine what it would be like to work and do all she does, then imagine yourself when you come home. Think you would be happy with you?

Maybe, just maybe you might try surprising her by doing something completely unexpected. Would it kill ya to?
Would your hands melt if you cleaned off the table after dinner and washed the dishes?

Would it be to much of a challenge for you to keep the kids busy and supervise them for a few hours in the evening so she can rest?
Would it do you in to at least help her do that more?
Would it break your back to pick up after the kids?

Would it be to much for you to pick up and run the vacuum while she's trying to get the carpet crawlers in bed? Would it be to much of a job for you to get them in bed? Trust me, it's not as easy as you might think sometimes...

Now I'm not about to suggest you do the dusting for her. To many guys are like myself and never think of dusting until a decent crop of plants can be grown in said dust...

But I'm sure you can see things that need done. Positive you can do many of those things she has to do yet after you get home. Certain you can even see them.

Ya know, if you help her get them done you just might get a chance to have her snuggle up on the couch with you to mellow out at the end of the day. Just like ya did when you were still dating.

You just might find yourself getting to know her again and falling in love all over again!
Wouldn't that at least be worth the try...

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