Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hummingbirds Are Back

It's kinda chilly outdoors here this morning. I was out for a while though to do my normal early morning things.
As I was coming back in I had visitors. My little buddies the hummingbirds were here to say hello with their buzz and let me know that spring has really sprung back.

I said my hello's and came back in. I poured my coffee and turned on the news, then settled in. My hummingbird buddies would have nothing to do with that.

I have two feeders on my windows and a big feeder on the front porch post. Well, they kept coming to the feeders on the windows and then hovering like they were looking in at me.

Yah, yah. I know you want me to feed you.

I empty and clean the feeders late in the fall when the birds leave for the winter, then I just hang them back where they are instead of storing them inside. What the heck, as long as they're empty they won't freeze and break and they are nice looking decorations even in the winter.
Yup, a guys way of seeing things...

I was thinking just a few days ago that I should fill those feeders, but I was being busy and lazy so I didn't.
But this morning my persistent little buddies kept up their reminding me.
So I missed the local news and went and got the feeders. Took them to the kitchen and gave them a good cleaning and made some hummingbird food.

I do not buy the expensive stuff the stores sell. They do not require the sugar water to be red.
These little bundles of hyper energy just burn up so much energy that they want sweets. So that's all I give them.
Hmm, wonder if I flap my arms real fast I could eat more sweets and get away with it...

All I have used for many years now is

1 Cup of sugar
4 Cups of water

Mix that up and pour it in the feeders.

To make it even easier, I start with 2 cups of hot water, add the one cup of sugar and mix well. Then I add the final 2 cups of water that is cold.
That cools it down so they won't burn their little birdie tongues.

Like I said, that's all I've used for many years and they keep coming back and even pester me when the feeders are empty. So it must be all they require and want.

I hung the feeders back out, came in and sat back down to hopefully catch the end of the morning news. I never did. My buzzing lightning quick friends were back and enjoying their food. So I watched them instead of the news.

Now if only they could tell me of the adventures of their travels.
That would be some news I would be interested in!

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