Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Outta Here

Wouldn't it be nice if clothes were cheap enough that you didn't have to pack for a trip. Instead you could just buy what you need when you get there and toss them when your though.
I am not a fan of packing...

Lost that tooth I was droning on about yesterday.
The biggest problem I have with living with back pain is that all smaller pains go unnoticed.
When I looked at that tooth even my untrained eye could see that it had to have been bad for quite a while. An old filling had fallen out and the tooth was rotted clear down deep into the root.
That had to hurt, but I never noticed it... Not until the pain was severe enough to overpower that back pain.

My dentist didn't have to say a word. And like the kind intelligent soul he is, he didn't. He should have scolded me like a misbehaving school boy! Yet he didn't.
I know I should take regular dental checkups more seriously. If I would have then he would have found that and could have saved that tooth. But noooooo.
I'm to busy to spend time waiting and then sitting in his chair.
Owha tafoo liam...
Didn't get that? Say it faster and put it together.

Spent yesterday rounding up clothes and things I wanted to take on my trip. Checking and rechecking.
Cleaning all the small tractor and other machine parts from my truck. Finding tools I couldn't find when I needed them. Finding remnants of lunches when in a hurry... Discovering screws, nuts and bolts I needed but couldn't find at the time.

Looking back to my working days as a contractor, I realize that the old trucks of working men should never be sent to the junk yard and crushed to be melted down for recycling.
They should be buried. They would someday make great archeological digs.

Bits and pieces of mechanical parts for various equipment. Nails, screws and various hardware for construction and repair. Orts of food that kept people working and nourished them. Empty bottles and some with fluids still in them that quenched their thirst. Coats, sweaters and sweat shirts that kept them warm on cold days. Rainwear that kept them dry. Material lists, notes for work, notes for remembering to buy gifts for loved ones. Plus many other things that could keep the minds of future archeologist's busy and show what people once used.
Ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin bottles that kept them working when they were to sore to work.
And even that lost and forgotten Twinkie that will still be edible millions of years from now...
Some may call it junk, some may call it garbage. But there is a lot of history in a working mans truck.

Hehehee, so now when someone tells me I should clean my truck out I have a great excuse and comeback! I am preserving history for the future generations.
Do ya think they will buy that???

Well, by the time most of you read this I will be on my way. Rolling over mountains, through valleys, across creeks, rivers and streams and on down the highways and byways. Off for my long awaited and badly needed escape from the everyday doings and sights. Off to play and discover whatever awaits.

I may or may not add to the blog while away. Depends on if I have time, feel I have something worth saying, or take pictures I think you will enjoy as much as I do.
So as I travel down the long long road talking to myself... Have a great day and keep that smile shining!!!

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