Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do We Really Need Them

Our government now decides we need some kind of ID that is recognized nationally and proves who we are so that we can vote.
I see only some small problems with that. The biggest is getting to the people and making it possible for them to get that ID at the lowest cost possible if not for free. Being it's mandated I feel it should be free to those who can't get it some other way.

Another thought though crossed my mind.
Since all the US citizens will need to have this and it will prove who they are and that they are in fact citizens of the US. Being also that computers can check identification real fast and check for records that might stop a citizen from having some rights.

Wouldn't it be quite possible that instead of Senate and Congress making all the final decisions, that they could be put to a vote by the people theirselves?
A site where any of the US citizens who are interested in and care about the forward progress of our country could take the time to read, study and vote on the proposed legislation.

Or at least a sight to explain the proposed legislation and comment to the people elected from your district to let them know your feelings before they make the final decisions. Let them know your concerns. Let them know our ideas of how legislation might affect us or how it could be better.
A relatively simple site.

Unique individual passwords, I think, could be given when you vote. Maybe even be given every time one votes at the polls and the old ones be expired.

Hee, hee, hee, maybe we could cut the costs of our government by not needing such a large cast of congressional members.

Ehh, just a thought.

I feel quite safe in saying there are no legislators who would vote for that. They wouldn't want to lose their cushy overpaid jobs nor the benefits they receive...
They surely wouldn't want their constituency interfering with their decisions.

But it was a thought that brought a smile to my face!

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