Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Cave

Guys think food, women think cuisine.
Wonder why that thought raced through my mind...

Could it be that I was so busy yesterday that I didn't bother to eat except for two pieces of cinnamon toast with my morning coffee...
Oh well, wasn't hungry then and I'm not now.

A guy can live in a house. As long as there is heat, the roof doesn't leak and cold wind can't blow in, he can be comfortable.
It takes a woman to make it a home.

For many years my house has needed some work done in the remodeling department. I can do remodeling. Did that for a living for many years. Was always good at helping people come to decisions for remodeling.
Yet every time I try to decide what exactly to do here, I hit a brick wall in my thoughts.

Just what if...
What if I do what I think would be good and nice then find a partner and she would rather it was done differently.
What a waste of time, energy and money that would be...
So I just make do.

I think it's true.
If not for women, men would still be living in caves.

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