Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yup. Darned the luck...
Two days before I intend to leave, get outta here, run away, escape the every day and spend some time away, meeting someone new and exciting, doing a little fishing in a place I've never fished before, and seeing some sights that I've never seen before and what kind of curve ball does life toss my way???

Had a discomfort on Saturday. That discomfort was there on Sunday. Well I've been alive long enough that I've had many discomforts that have always left after a bit of waiting. But yesterday... No. It wouldn't leave, it just had to get worse.

A toothache. And I'll add a toothache that could not wait. One that by noon had begun affecting my eye. One that began to throb. One that even had me, the one who bears pain and normally laughs at it, in agony and had me whining to the dogs.

So for lunch I make a call to my dentist. Food isn't even an option. It hurts to even move my jaw to talk. Now for me that is cruel and unusual punishment. I always have my jaw flapping about something. For others though it would probably be a welcome sound of silence...

Ugh, he's so busy.
Can you come to his other office tomorrow?” Not really, I have a ton of pain and really don't think I can wait. I'm also in the midst of preparing for a trip and I'm leaving Wednesday morning early. Thank you anyway, I'll try to find someone who has a few minutes today to help. “Hmm, let me check the book out again.” “Oh can you be here by 2:45?” I most certainly can!

I'm telling you, if I coulda reached through the phone and kissed that receptionist I would have. Even through the pain she made me smile. Might have been a smile of relief, but a smile. And I take them wherever I can get them.

So there I was. A bit angry at the thoughts of probably loosing a tooth. Angry that I was in so much pain. All I wanted was to be getting ready to enjoy. Packing and rechecking what I intended to take along. Gritting my teeth because of that anger. OUCH! Note to dumb butt self. Do not grit teeth when you have a toothache.

It's raining outside so I can't even go out to do something to take my mind off the pain. Could maybe work at cleaning the house. But heck I use a stubbed toe from three years ago as an excuse to get outta that. This tooth is more than a good enough excuse to delay that torture once again.

Can't watch TV. There is never anything worth watching anyway and my eye won't focus because of the toothache.
So what's an old fool do? He fires up the computer and begins to tell the world. Hey, I may not be able to flap my jaws because of pain, but my fingers still work!!!

Anything to kill the waiting time until I have to leave for that dreaded trip to see the dentist. I mean, he's a nice guy and all. I even like him. But... He's a dentist. I wouldn't want anyone else poking around inside my mouth. But still... He's a dentist.

He may give me a scolding for not going to see him in over a year. That scolding may be justified. Maybe I should have. But hey... He's a dentist.
Way I see it is that I've spent so much time sitting in dentist's chairs during my life that they should be paying me by now or in the least be seeing me for free!

By now they should have invented needles that don't hurt. Should have figured out a way to make that drill not hurt when it finally gets to that nerve in the tooth! Surely I and enough others have paid them enough money to do that research and come up with inventions! But no, they spend it on rent, mortgage, clothes, food, college for their kids, paying off their college loans. Cars to get back and forth to work. And all other kinds of useless stuff. LOL

Oh where the mind does wonder when it's in pain...

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