Friday, May 4, 2012

The Weekend

Most years I have my garden in by now. With the messes up weather this year though I have barely got mine started. I do remember years we didn't get the gardens in until June. Well after the frosts were past.

So this weekend I will be a gardening fool. After getting off here this morning I'm off to pick up the rest of the plants I want and tomorrow, Saturday, I will be planting which will run right into late Sunday.

There is a local nursery here that's selling the tomato sets I like. So I no longer go through the trouble to start my own. I have little to no luck starting bell peppers and having them survive to get them in, so I buy them. Now my Hungarian Wax Peppers and Cayenne Peppers I can start.

I like the Hungarian for stuffing. Either with sauerkraut, with cheese or a meat stuffing. They along with the Cayenne make a really tasty salsa. The Cayenne's are great for adding the spicy flavor I like in many foods. Even for spicing up foods when you just feel like spicy.

There are still seeds that need to be put in. It was just to cold and wet to get them in early this year. Even some sweet corn I planted earlier rotted in the ground. Not one blasted corn plant is up... So it will be tillers running and butts in the air this weekend in a rush to get the garden planting done.

I also have some flowering plants that need put in their beds for the season. The wildflowers and other flower seeds are up and looking good. I'm looking forward to seeing their bright colors welcoming my eyes.

So there will not be any running around this weekend or playing. Well, OK. Not to much playing. I can never seem to work and not play at least a little bit. There is always time to squeeze in a laugh and smile!

I do have a granddaughters birthday party to go to. So I'll be squeezing that in too. Hey, it's her birthday party! How can a grandpap miss that? Besides, there is always food, birthday cake and other tasty goodies at birthday parties. Lots of smiles and laughs to be shared with others too. So I just know I can find a little time for that! At least an hour or two.

Now if I could just enlist some help to get all the planting done...
My daughter will be busy with the party. My oldest kids live to far away. My youngest son will inevitably be busy with something else. Seems he always is. Especially when it's time for gardening...
But he's always ready and available to help eat the fruits of the labor!
Go figure...

So there is my layout for my weekend.
There is always something one can find to do.
Seriously! If you can't find something to do, it's only because you don't want to.

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