Monday, March 5, 2012

Come On Spring

Was thinking of how to make a self cleaning stove top. That is the one thing that most needs to be self cleaning in my house. Spattered grease, drippings from stirring spoons, spilled globs of cooked on goo. And a son who thinks there is no such thing as a spoon rest that is easier to clean than a stove top...

My mind wondered off into a totally self cleaning kitchen. Again much like a car wash. High pressure soap and water jets. Brushes that would drop from the ceiling and scrub everything. High pressure rinse and then the high pressure air to dry everything off. All while I sleep in my comfy bed!

Picked up a few lengths of gutter this weekend and mounted them under the top railing on my porch to use as rail length planters. They actually look kinda nice there. Not near as bad as I was afraid they would. I opted for the vinyl gutters for they're scratch hiding abilities.

Instead of making dropout holes like regular gutters, I drilled a few holes in the bottom near the front edges to let the excess water run out. I managed to get them hung in place before the snow and cold winds returned. Even had time to dump a gallon of water in them to see how well they would drain. Worked great and they channel the water to the flower gardens below.

While I was out to get the gutters I even picked up a few herb plants to put in them when the weather gets right. I'm hoping to plant some flowers between the herbs. Maybe something that will spill over and hang down.

I'm sure once again any neighbors that have driven by are totally sure I'm nuts. But like many other times I'll bet some copy the idea when they see the end results.

This morning there is about four inches of snow laying on everything. That's natures way of telling me to quit getting so excited about spring and be patient. Nature has a strange sense of humor.

Many of my thoughts this morning are with those who were attacked by the tornadoes over the past several days. It does my heart good though to see so many people going to their rescue with offers to help.

Wish my old body and it's health were better so I could take all my construction experience and help them rebuild their homes...

Well, I'm off to get another cup of coffee and then see what kind of trouble I can get into today. Have a great day full of smiles and fun! And keep thinking spring. Maybe if we all wish hard enough it will come early : )

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