Monday, March 12, 2012

Working In The Garden

So when are the politicians going to get to the important matters?
Making it more possible for young people to start a business that can last for years. Giving them a better tax break to help in their endeavor. Offering them easier to get low interest loans for the needed equipment to get their business going.
Allowing old businesses who have quit caring about the customers to pass away to where they belong.
After all when a business quits caring about it's customers and cares more for it's earnings, does it deserve to survive and receive government money (our money) to keep robbing the public...

Not forcing medical insurance on the public, but reeling in the outrageous costs of health care. Putting a stop to the insane financial judgments in court when a doctor makes a mistake. Putting a halt to the hospitals charging over a dollar for one cotton ball. Bringing down the cost to use their beds and all the other wild prices they get away with charging us when we are most in need.

Ending the overpriced prescription drugs. I understand the drug companies have to do a lot of research to make a drug, but to then pick our pockets when they finally make them...

I hear those of the medical practice complain about insurance companies controlling them when they are trying to help a patient. But are all those expensive tests and drugs necessary...

Yes, they have years of expensive education. But is it right they be allowed to charge more than we can earn...

These are just a few of the things that danced through my mind as I was out in the sunshine tilling the gardens in preparation of planting in another week or so. Among those thoughts is also the price of the gas to run the tiller. And why is my tiller jumping out of gear. But that was an easy one to answer. The drive belt is lose and slapping around. It needs replaced...

After working in the garden for about four hours I decided it was time to take a ride on the four wheeler. Darned thing wouldn't start. I turned the key and the dash lights wouldn't even light up. Jumped some wires, pushed the starter button and it started.

Then I pulled the switch out and tore it apart. The electrical contacts were so corroded they couldn't make contact. So cleaned them off and plugged the switch back in. Sure enough, it started. Reassembled everything and put the tools away and was off.

After spending all that time in the garden though I realized with the first hard bump that my back would have no parts with a ride through the fields and woods. So I just rode to my daughter and son in laws house for a visit.

After leaving there I once again headed for a path that would take me for an enjoyable ride. Yup, first good bump and I heard my back say, go home and rest. And of course the back always wins that argument.

All said though it turned out to be a productive and enjoyable weekend.
Hope yours was too and that you had a good time doing whatever it is that puts a smile on your face!

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