Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rowdy Update

He chases and chases. Round and round then yap. He's caught his tail and maybe bit down a little hard. Does he learn? NO! He goes right back to chasing and doing it again. Yup, Rowdy has discovered his tail and it has become his favorite plaything.

While outside he also found a dead baby mouse and brought it to me as a gift.
Gee, thanks Rowdy...
He's not springing leaks much on the floor any longer. Getting real good about going to the door when he feels the need. I may soon be able to remove the plastic tarp from the floor.

He, just like Lakai, does seem to enjoy a nice game of tug o war. Nice thing is I don't have to play so much. Rowdy will get one end of the rope and Lakai will take the other. Rowdy doesn't really stand much of a chance, but Lakai actually will inch forward and make like Rowdy is winning!

I've never seen an animal do something like that before and have grown a little more respect for Lakai. But when he wants to win, Rowdy goes flying into the walls. Can't hardly wait until Rowdy grows bigger and the playing becomes a bit more equal.

Usually though when I go to the kitchen and return to the living room later there is one heck of a mess to pick up. Yup, when daddy's away the puppies will play. And do they play hard... Something like two teenage boys!
Hmm, they eat like it too.

My old girl Aggie just growls and crawls under a sofa. If the boys get to close while they are playing she growls a little louder. They both have learned to leave her alone. Wonder if that would work for me when Rowdy crowds me in the bed...

It's not at all cold, but the little guy cuddles up so tightly he feels like a second skin. Then at times he likes to come up by my head and lay with his nose about an inch from mine. Yet when I try petting his silky head he turns it away. When I persist he will move just out of reach of my hand. Then shortly after I give up he's right back. Not sure if he's playing mind games or is fed up with having his head petted so much.

He sat here on the living room floor one rainy day, mesmerized by the fish in the aquarium. He sat there staring at the fish for about a half hour. It's interesting to watch him as he discovers new things. Even when he discovered my sons work boots.

I tell the boy not to leave his boots in the middle of the floor. Like many young guys, he has selective hearing. So I watched as Rowdy moved his boots and even as he unlaced them.

When the son finally looked for his boots he started to scold the pup. I chimed in and scolded the son. Told him I had warned him enough and now Rowdy was joining in on my side to train him to put his boots out of sight. Hmm, what I've been trying to do for years, Rowdy seems to have accomplished in only a short time. The boots no longer are left where they shouldn't be. Wonder if Rowdy could teach the son to do dishes... Or put my tools away where they belong!

Well, as I go about my day and dream of how I can add a sliding board beside my stairway, you have a really great day and share that smile!

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