Monday, March 19, 2012

Taxes, Pigs N Turkeys

Are your income taxes finished yet?
Just a little over three weeks to do it...
Mine are done, but I have yet to file them. Guess I should though. Just make out that check for what I have to pay and do it.
Have I said lately, I despise income taxes? Maybe not here on the blog, but everyone else hears it.

If I believed my government really gave a rats behind about me I might like those taxes a little more. But when I see the huge way the government wastes money I just despise contributing. Ahh, but it's the law, guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and pay.

Had a great weekend! Got what I wanted to get planted in the garden, got the wild flowers and some other flower beds finished. Got about a hundred feet of hedge trimmed. Finished cleaning up this park sized lawn. Even got into the fields and got some work done.

Did have to help a neighbor out a little. One of his pigs got loose and we spent quite a bit of time trying to catch it. Well, we didn't quite catch it. He asked if I knew someone who butchered that he could get hold of quick. I said yes. So... Lets just say, he will soon be on the table. But when your animals start doing damage to the neighbors property, the sense of humor takes a back seat.

Saw a flock of wild turkeys recently. There were fourteen huge birds there in total. I tried to get some pic's to share here.

It was overcast and a bit foggy, but you can see how healthy they are. Looked to me like many of them would dress out to right around twenty pounds. Guess the mild winter made food pretty easy for them to find.

When I do try to get pictures of something wild like them, they never want to stay around to pose. These were no different. They left rather quickly. Hmm, maybe to the I looked hungry...

Another neighbor had two turkeys and wouldn't ya know it. They got loose and now the neighbor is hunting to catch them. He's gotten withing an arms reach, but can't quite seem to quite catch them. I'm figuring that if he soon don't, they may join that with that wild flock.

The joys of owning animals. Sometimes they would rather be out on their own. Kinda like teen kids. They just fail to see the dangers of wondering aimlessly out into the world. They don't recognize the coyotes and other wild animals out there waiting to eat them up.

It's a bit rainy here this morning. I probably would be sad about that because of the amount of work I'd still like to be out doing, but after the push the past week and over the weekend I'm a bit sore and very tired. So I'm thinking of just laying around like an old hibernating bear this morning.
Now I know someone or something will mess those plans up...

Well, have a great day and remember to smile and share those smiles!

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