Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mud Slides And Wet Fields

The sun is shining, the last of the snow (I hope) is melting.
Went for a walk yesterday afternoon to see what shape the fields were in and because I just couldn't sit here anymore. I'm so darned bored!

Our winter snows started back in October and although the weather has been up and down all winter, there has been either snow or mud. It's been cold and warm and you never know which is coming until it gets here. Then the winds! Blow me away type winds!

I'm ready for a week or two of good weather so I can get out and do something productive. I'm ready to open the windows and let some fresh air infiltrate my house. I'm ready for the sun to bake my tired ole bones. I want my lungs full of fresh air.

So while on the walk yesterday I took a slip in some mud as I was walking down a steep hill. Yup, took a ride all the way to the bottom. Finished the walk/hike in muddy pants that were soaked. Honest mom, I didn't do it on purpose.

Gee how she used to get angry with me when I would do that on purpose as a boy...
I don't do that now on purpose because of the pain that follows. Danged older body, ruins all the fun. But I did get a great laugh and I'm still smiling about it.

There are so many really wet spots in the fields that working them would only cause lots of problems. Same as working a garden when it's to wet but on a much larger scale. The ground clumps into big mud balls and the roots of plants can't take hold and grow well. Best to practice patience. Though mine is growing very thin...

It's warming up nicely outside this morning and I'm really hoping I can open the windows later today to air the house out. Even if I have to shut the furnace down to do it. Training Rowdy is making my home smell a bit like a kennel.

My son who can smell nothing bad doesn't notice it, but I darned sure do.
Bet the kid smells the garlic bread I'm making... I should really make two loaves so I can get some for myself. Make and extra and hide that! Hmm, sounds like a plan. Yah, he'd probably sniff that out too...

I figured out years ago that adding garlic powder to the bread ingredients makes the best tasting garlic bread. I've never had one complaint and actually get a lot of requests. Now with the bread machine I got about a year ago, I make it even more often, but still give people who ask the recipe.

You would think they would make an extra loaf for me, but they don't. Oh well...
Hope your having a great day and you have lots of smiles!
Just watch out for that mud that likes to sneak under your feet.

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