Monday, March 26, 2012

Blues and Clues

My sweet little girl Beagle Aggie passed away over the weekend. We were out working and I had to make a run for some hardware. I brought her in the house and when I came home I found her in an eternal sleep.

For the years she was with me she was a joy to be around and always gave me smiles. She was born and raised a city girl but adapted to being a country girl without a hitch. She loved to run the fields and woods. I could hear her in the woods when she would pick up a scent and begin a chase. Though she was never a hunter she sure had the instinct.

Now she lies beside four other dogs who were hunters, loving pets and one who needed a home and gave me laughs and love in return for one. Someday when it's my time to go, my ashes will be spread on the same hilltop and they will all be there waiting on me. Once again we will be together laughing playing and hunting in the spirit form.

Friday I had to make a run to town for some parts. I came home with six cute chicks. (wonder how many guys can say that)
Ahh, but my chicks are baby chickens. They're in the brooder and Lakai the Pitt Bull is watching them and standing guard. He can spend an hour just standing and watching them...

Rowdy couldn't care less. He just bounces around wanting to run and play. He's wearing out my voice with saying NO BITE. He wants to chew everything except what I get him to chew on. But I WILL win this battle.

These two guys love to run. But because of their breed people are afraid of them and they are good at scaring horses that people ride up and down the road. I can yell and they somewhat listen, but not quick enough. So I'm fencing in almost the entire back yard. There they will have the room to run at will and yet not have the ability to chase after and frighten other critters and people.

They hopefully will protect my chickens from the coyote, raccoons and other wild critters that killed my chickens last fall. When I get some more young calves, the dogs will be able to see almost the entire small pasture I first turn the calves out in and will alert me to any of the coyote who come in after them.

It's really getting bad and the amount of young hunters seems to be dwindling. As the hunting dwindles the wild nasty critters are growing in numbers. As they grow in numbers, they become braver at coming around houses and even people. It's only a matter of time until once again I begin hearing of them facing down adults and chasing after kids.

Also as they grow in numbers, the diseases they get and carry will grow. Some of those diseases like rabies, make them lose their minds and attack people.

As the coyote population has grown over the past several years I've already noticed the fox population has all but disappeared. I'm not seeing the usual rabbit population either.

Only thing that is somewhat good is that the number of cats people drop off has dwindled too. People drop them off, they meet other cats and breed, their population grows. Many starve but many become meals for wild animals. Well the coyotes seem to like them and so their numbers are going down.

Maybe some who read this should consider that before dropping Tabby off in the countryside... Your tame cat may have inborn natural instinct, but that instinct without practice doesn't keep them alive.

Well enough of my whining and lecturing for today. I'm off to pick up a few hundred more feet of fence, listen to the local gossip err news and get on with my day.

Have a great one and remember to smile and share that smile!

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