Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Please

Was out walking the dogs yesterday morning. The sun was shining but it was still a bit chilly. There is still snow laying here and there in patches and it's quite muddy.

I've never seen my lawn as heaved as it is this year. Guess that's because there wasn't the snow cover when the freezing winds howled through. That and possibly the constant freeze and thaw. I've never needed to roll the lawn here, but this year might be different.

I also noticed how littered everything is with tiny branches and a few small limbs from trees. This is nothing new, but it makes me wonder how there are any trees left after seeing the truck load of twigs and limbs every year.

My almost pet dove is back. I've been seeing it for almost a month now. I call it an almost pet because I talk to it and it seems to have no fear of me. When my son walks out though it flies off. One day I will have it eating from my hand.

Haven't seen any robins yet. So I guess this messed up winter isn't quite over yet. Wish it was, I feel like it's time to get into the fields and get to work.
It's still to muddy to even get an early start on the garden.

This one or two days of winter and then four or five days of sunshine has me itching to get out to work. In other words, I'm bored...
That along with my friend dealing with the absolute lies that are being told about him do no good for the mind at all.

What he needs is the universe to show the truth in some way. Maybe catch the lying butt head in his lies. Or give us a way to catch him and prove it.
There is just no way to prove you didn't do something. Ehh, but enough of that. I'll just keep up the prayers and being there for him.

I have a really big urge to just spend a day on the tractor seat. Feeling the sun warming my old tired body, smelling the wonderful smells of spring. Smelling the freshly turned soil, seeing the birds swoop down for a free and easy earthworm meal.

Was tempted to take the boat out for a fishing trip. With the chill in the air yet and me still not being completely well that could be a very bad idea. So I get done with the usual chores and then just roam around like a lost puppy wondering what to do.

Spring is coming soon though and I'll have more to do than I can do.
Isn't it funny how we are so bored but then when it's finally time to get busy we are so busy we wish for a moment of the boredom...

Well, off to play with the puppy. Have a great day full of smiles and wonder!

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