Friday, March 9, 2012

Tis The Season To Get Busy

The sun was shining and the lawn was finally drying enough to do some clean up. So I grabbed the rake and began the nasty task of raking. Now my lawn is not a small lawn, but I did manage to get about a third of it raked before noon.

Came into the house for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat and darned if it didn't start raining. According to the forecast we're to get about three quarters of an inch of rain and it's supposed to be dropping to the low 20's. So I'm hoping it will dry off quickly and warm up a bit so I can finish that task this weekend.

I do not like not being able to finish what I start. Every darned time I do, I get sidetracked and it takes forever to get back to whatever I'm doing and finish.

This morning the sun is shining again and the wind is blowing so I figure the ground surface will dry fast. So my plans for the weekend are to finish getting the lawn ready for another summer of mowing.

With any luck at all the garden area will dry enough to get into it with the tiller. Then will come getting the flower beds ready for the season. Possibly then withing a week or two it will be time to get into the fields.

As long as it's not raining, too windy or cold, I will be out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Who knows I may even venture out for another walk through the fields and woods. When the winter weather is over I can't wait to break out of this jail called a house...

My solitary confinement is broken by the songs of the birds and seeing all the little wildlife scampering about preparing for summer theirselves. There are nests to be built and dens to be repaired. And unfortunately for me, gardens to be scouted out for newly planted seed... They really like that I hide corn and bean seed for them to steal.

Best thing I have found to deter the birds from stealing the seed is to string old CD's on a cord and hang it over the garden. The slightest breeze makes the CD's flutter and flash. That seem to be the one thing the birds have not yet figured out, so they're still afraid of them.

One things for sure. I will not have time to feel lonely or bored. There is just to much to do.
No matter what your circumstances are, you should be able to find many things to do. Even if you live in a crowded city you can get out and go for a hike.

I'm wondering just how much these high gas prices are going to affect loneliness. People are so accustomed to driving long distances to do things and see friends. Now with so much of their cash going just for gas to get to work and do the necessary things, are they going to have the money to travel...

Even I am looking at walking to the mountain just to take a hike. The only real travel I plan to be doing is for fishing. I have my favorite spots and there is just no way I plan to walk all the way to them. Heck the closest would take a full day of walking just to get there.

So after all the preparing and planting are done I will be wasting about three tanks of gas for that. I'm looking at about $200.00 in fuel alone for that. The fish sure aren't worth that cost, but the relaxation sure is.

Well, while the lawn is still drying off I'm gonna get outta here and do my weekly grocery run and pick up the other needed things. Yah, my favorite chore... Shopping. Shopping is a fate worse than death.

But I'll go and I'll keep on smiling! Have a great weekend and share the smiles!

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